Zen Moment: 3 Hours on The Best Beach in California (4K Video)

Settle into 3 hours of pure tranquility on one of the best beaches in California 😌✨💖

Today’s 4K video was filmed at Point Lobos in Carmel, California. This little stretch of white sand, is the most beautiful beach we have seen yet in the USA. Tucked onto the Pacific Coast, this California beach sparkles in a million shades of blue and green.

Watch the gulls and pelicans as they swoop over head…
Marvel at the Monterey Cypress Trees, so full and green…
Note the kelp as it bobs on the ocean in the distance…

Then focus your eye on the crystal clear blue waters immediately ahead…
Close your eyes for a moment…

Feel the sunshine on your face…
Breathe deep…
That cool Pacific ocean air cleanses the soul.

California’s beaches are oh so refreshing, and no beach is more refreshing than this picturesque cove in Carmel’s Point Lobos state park. A protected, all natural paradise, it delivers on its promise of total tranquility 🥰🥰🥰

We so hope this 4K video brings you a big dose of ocean therapy!

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  1. В шуме волн есть какое-то. Щемящее чувство и это воспоминание о прошлом

  2. Thank you cool video! You make this world more beautiful, be happy. I wish your viewers good luck.

  3. Thank you soooooo much! This one is perfect. It's the first one that I feel like I am right there, breathing the Pacific's breeze! The sound is REAL! I'm so happy!

  4. My coworker told me that she lives near a highway and she loves to open her window at night because it sounds like the ocean wave lol

  5. Listen with headphone is absolutely nice, the sound of the rain makes me fall asleep, thank you for sharing, my full support here, stay safe and blessed…

  6. This is nice. Its relaxing for me bc I am in school rn. Its loud here though:(. But this makes it nice

  7. This is beautiful. The sound and the kind words from strangers. Thank you for helping a sad girl feel not so alone.

  8. Your channel is the best of it's kind ,true slice of heaven 😊 💜 💙💙💙

  9. Это здорово, хоть раз я выспался и почувствовал себя действительно здоровым душой.Спасибо за это. Действительно!

  10. Point Lobos is where God takes a hike and relaxes when overwhelmed by stress.

    I used to hike here countless times when I grew up in Monterey Bay…the serenity and beauty is overwhelming…

  11. I'm guessing t his is Big Sur or at lest in the area. A very specialarea on our coast. But then, there are arewas from there up to Oregon and beyond that have a magic to them – if you can let the magic happen.

  12. Nice video, it is very relaxing and calming, it transmits very good energy to move on in life, you who read my comment never give up, keep fighting for your dreams, God is with you, blessings.

  13. When you get tired from this crazy world,turn on that beautiful music. Greetings from VN. I always love you baby!!!

  14. Together we CAN regain control of beloved beaches & restore them clean again – trash /oil free & without views of Multi oil drilling platforms.. Feds cannot keep overruling our protective state laws & future ocean health.

  15. This is just MESMERIZING ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. There’s nothing like ocean waves, a sandy beach, and California weather all tied in for the perfect zen-cation. The main focus in my life is finding balance in everything, including downtime. Everyone needs time to relax and get away from the stress of life. Then they can come back refreshed and ready for more of life’s adventures.

    I have never been to Carmel, but that doesn’t stop me from looking at its beauty, listening to the amazing sounds of the ocean, and keeping the thought that someday, I might just be able to go there in person.

    May the light of life and the beauty of it all keep you rested and well.

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