YUNGBLUD – California

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Music video by YUNGBLUD performing California. © 2018 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


  1. I am so grateful for my ex best friend Kendall. We may not be friends anymore but like 2 years ago she introduced me to yungblud. I'm soo glad she showed me his music. It's helped me so much.

  2. That last part "rip my heart up, pull it out of my chest" is giving me hella Rick and Morty "i love Morty, and I hope Morty loves me" and I am 10000000000% here for it

  3. I swear I've been sitting here the last few days, playing it on repeat, trying to figure out what this song reminds me to, and I finally figured out! The chorus has a Lost Boys feeling to it…Anyone else?

  4. Ok I've never seen this entire video because everytime I stare at it 30 seconds straight I feel so EPILEPTIC

  5. If you're reading this, you'll be fine. Money will come, love will find you. Life will turnout to be better than you imagined…

  6. Love this song, love your music, Yungblud. But is there a version of this video without the flashing? I have photosensitive epilepsy and risk a seizure every time I watch it.

  7. I have to say THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME! 60yrs old and I just love me some Yungblud! WOuld love to give you a hug!

  8. "I can't belive you put me in a straight jacket" How tf coud you think he was straight!??🙄it is so obious he is the gayest person EVER

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