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  2. I miss the days of smokin blunts with my friends/ex and vibing to wiz khalifa. I wish I could go back… I hate my life now 🙁

  3. Glad to see everyone banging this even tho it's 2021 , so many years have pasted while we was getting this cash , have a blessed one

  4. I'm only 25 and shouldn't have these feelings, but this song gives me a rush of nostalgia I can't describe. Life flies by fast

  5. wiz khalifa es lo mejor que e escuchado desde mis 14 años desde el 2014 aun sigo con el mismo stay ,dandole vida a la vida y cons sus rolas la bajo bien caminando por la ciudad 🙂

  6. this tune is the shit, been playing it for all these years and never got tired of it, it's like the song i always put up to whenever i want to chill lay back and have a fat ass joint

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