Why Dave Rubin Left California

Patrick Bet-David Podcast Episode 143. In this short clip, Dave Rubin, host of ‘The Rubin Report’ explains why he left California.

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  1. If Rubin got paid good money to promote an openly fascist ideology, then that's what he would stand for.

  2. Just don’t come to Florida w/ those BS California laws, policies & mindset & we’ll get alone just fine… leave the attitude as well…

  3. Just sh!ttin on Cali like everyday. Yeah… enjoy that humid insect infested place. People actually think they were the first to predict this Cali doomsday. Cali will be there long after your time. Florida, not so sure… will be submerging sooner than Cali.
    I just hope enough of you leave so we can clear out this 405 traffic. Njoy Florida fellas.

  4. People leave California for taxes and costs. That's it. They move to other places and want the exact same life they had in CA without the expense. It's literally the only reason.

  5. I lived in Jersey and work in NYC I feel the same way! Im just defeated and tired about everything and getting taken advantage of every minute

  6. We live in California and have roots with family on both sides nearby. Our kids are in school and we have low property taxes (and insurance).

    If we didn't have family nearby or without kids I'd definitely consider leaving the state. As it is we'll strongly consider leaving once we retire, which is a ways away. Just doesn't make any sense to live somewhere with high taxes when you can move up a state and if MFJ live off $80k/year tax free.

    That said the weather cannot be beat and will play a large role in what we do.

  7. Lived in SoCal in La Jolla by the beach for a hot minute. Glad to experience it and before the collapse. My friends have mostly abandoned CA for these stayhavens like TX and FL but as a man living abroad, I'll never go back. Those states will go down with the rest of the ship

  8. All these idiots from California moving to South Florida with their stupid ideology are gonna screw up Florida. Just real estate alone went from $150k for a decent house to $450k. I rather deal with the supposed “crazy” Floridians than the douches from other states. To give you another simple example…there’s tons of New Yorkers that came here in the 90s, living here for 20 years and all they do is crap on everything Florida, except they’ve lived here longer than they lived in their original home…smh

  9. Let him go to a Red State where they think 2 men living together is worst than Murder and especially 2 gay men having a kid!! Let’s see how his Party and Conservatives think of this and him!!!!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  10. the reason is Taxes, the Taxes that he didn't want to pay when he sold Locals, Rogan did the same thing for the same reason due to his spotify deal…duh

  11. Dave moved to LA and LA, as well as SF is in its own bubble, but not indicative of the rest of CA where it's more simple, calm and less chaotic. He's basing his whole views on a 15sq mile parameter.

  12. Calling a black man “the face of white supremacy”, so he won’t get elected, is the definition of racism

  13. The tipping point for Dave was his Locals deal with Rumble and the crazy amount of tax he was about to pay, LOL

  14. 1) California property tax is 0.76%, Texas 1.9% Texas property tax is more than double of California.
    2) High taxes in California also SUBSIDIZE those RED REPUBLICAN States.
    3) Despite the fact California has 10 million more people than Texas, Texas has had more Covid-19 deaths than California percentage wise. Most Covid-19 deaths are among Trump supporters and red states. So those who follow regulations respect themselves and others. And help to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.
    4). Regulations are great. It benefits everyone. In Texas or Florida corporations dump toxic substances in the environment. In california they will get fined.
    5). Texas has the most health uninsured people in the nation. California has far more health insured people than Texas.
    6). Life expectancy is higher in California #2 in the nation. Texas # 24.
    7) LIfe expectancy in California has increased. No progress in Texas.
    8). More educated people in California in comparison to Texas .
    9). Texas has higher suicide rates percentage wise than California.
    10). In California mental health is taken seriously, not much in Texas.
    11). Texas has more gun related deaths than California, given it's far less populated than California.
    12). Texas has more gun related homicide deaths than California.

  15. Florida is Simp Central, to be honest. Home to Florida Man… pedos everywhere. Humid and gross. The Carolinas are much better

  16. I hated living in Florida (Despite loving Big Daddy Desantis), its great for rich people but is one of the worst places for middle class people.

  17. Rubin, you're a New Yorker. You have to mention and admit that there's no comparable Pizza in Florida. That's a big deal.

  18. Man, growing up in Miami in the 80s and 90s, it almost kinda felt like a joke being from down here. In light of the last 3 years, I've actually grown pretty proud of this state and it's awesome that guys like you and Dave have set-up operations. Onwards and upwards!

  19. I still can’t fly in to florida from Europe without vaccines certification! Makes no sense! It’s a federal hobby !

  20. One thing everyone who leaves California have in common is they can't stop talking about California. Reminiscent of the scorned lover. The humor.

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