Why California has a homeless problem?! | EP. #6

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In this world, it’s pretty hard to monetize most businesses.
But there are a few geniuses out there that can monetize just about anything.
Today we go over the example of the evil genius Gavin Newsom is Gavin, is the governor of California, and he has managed to monetize the homeless to his and his friends advantages!
This is the wildest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and he is absolutely getting loaded by destroying your streets!

We find out how he’s done it and how brilliant this man is! Man… I’m getting to old for this shirt!


  1. The kleptocratic bipartisan ruling classes and Silicon Valley asians just want latin american business owners to be slaves of Wallmart, Starbucks and McDonalds. You white now ese.

  2. If you guy's would just fund healthcare like us in Canada. I'd bet your homeless problem would not be as big of a problem as it is. You guys can literally go bankrupt by simply getting sick. That's something we always talk about whenever the USA comes up as a topic. I hope some day that you'll sort that out. It's a truly horrible way to live.

  3. Many homeless are from out of state. Others are migrants from other countries.

    Many others start the " van life " and ended up living in the streets.
    There is lot of work but , too many lazy ones and others " too proud " to work for minimum wage.

    The benefits that homeless people get is attracting many others from out of state and also having some locals quit their jobs and follow that way of living.

    Don't forget those that besides being homeless , sadly have bad habits and addictions. Many of them prefer to live homeless than to receive an opportunity.

  4. I really like seeing this sort of content from you! Most successful youtubers (not all) tend to ignore these problems and turn a blind eye. Reminding us that is not all about cars (as much as I love cars). I do have to say though the Housing and Rent costs in California are insane, even someone who makes say 30 dollars an hour there still would barely get by… yet alone someone that only makes 15 dollars. It is fucked up that I could move to California still bust my ass and work full time and still would be homeless myself if I was there (I would probably live out of an RV though). I did a simple search on Zillow the only somewhat affordable houses I can find are like in the middle of the Desert lol. California is now hell on earth…. I can say that while I am not religious at all… Judgement will come for these politicians, one cannot mistreat people in such a way and expect the Universe to reward them forever… The 'Big One' is still on the horizon.

  5. San Francisco in 2013 was my favourite place on earth, in 2016, it was a disgrace, homeless everywhere, many whacked up on drugs, and away from the tourist areas, far from safe. Not been since, or California, which is a shame.

  6. I havenโ€™t been back to Austin Tx since last spring but homeless was so bad there, it ruined our trip. We were floored how locals just blindly ignored the problem.

  7. Washington state had a similar law decriminalizating theft of less than 1000$…. I wish I could set aside my morals and walk out with a 65 inch TV instead of saving up for months or years to get one…

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