Why California Can't Build Affordable Housing

The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit found hundreds of vacant lots and empty sites meant to provide affordable housing to thousands of Bay Area residents, currently being used for nothing. Investigative Reporter Candice Nguyen reports.

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  1. the costs of NOT building new housing as population increases far exceeds the costs of building the new housing. prices for housing go up as the shortage increases, and the extra costs is passed onto every member of society. the elites may potentially not care because they are rich can still buy housing, but every general person in society should care. regular people also don't have the money to start up these projects. this is example where good leadership could be used to help out the greater good of society in general.

  2. Because Gavin is a POS and the people who vote for him time and time again don’t actually care just want to pretend they care but they don’t really. They just don’t want to see the problems not solve them 😒

  3. What???? Commieforna money???? Whats this money thing your talking about???? Your the magical communist socialist state of commieforna, you use unicorns and fairy dust to power your perfect socialist utopia. Money is something that capitalist pigs use!!!!! You don’t use or support capitalism!!!! LONG LIVE THR USSR!!!!

  4. Why does the US have 50 states? For the same reason a large ship has watertight compartments.

    Why did the Titanic sink? The watertight compartments weren't. The Federal government is how water gets from one state to the next, flowing over the top of the compartment walls.

  5. To get a "surplus" California removed unfunded obligations (pensions) from the budget. That's the same as you removing your credit card debt from your budget to make it look better. Toss pensions back in, and the budget shortfall is horrific.

  6. "Not acceptable but",
    "You can't just pick and choose which projects."
    "It's Gavins fault."
    "He just gave us 1.7Billion to…. investigate how to help clear up the backlog of projects." How much is needed? "3.7 Billion.".

  7. "It's not acceptable. But."
    translation: I am corrupt and $$$ buku bucks!
    Why do you Weakling Leftists accept such rampant corruption and Agenda based excuse for fleecing.

  8. California is not interested in affordable housing. California is a luxury state for wealthy people. If you cannot afford Newport Beach, Hidden Hills, The Oaks of Calabasas, Montecito, Santa Barbara, Malibu, Palo Alto, Catalina Island etc.. California is not for you😆

  9. It's cheaper for the developers to cut a check instead of building affordable housing within a certain distance from their "luxury" project

  10. Time for all the bleeding heart liberals to put your money where your mouth is. They said they need funding…… so start donating a portion of your paycheck every month and start funding!

  11. Unfortunately affordable housing usually becomes a ghetto. Which is why theres also backlash by people that live near there along with all these other problems they mentioned.

  12. Vote Republican or Libertarian. Vote Elder for Governor. All your current politicians are THIS CRAP. It’s impossible to build. It’s impossible to run a business. It’s impossible to get by.

  13. California sucks. Stop voting for these politicians. Vote Libertarian or Republican. Vote Larry Elder for Governor. This is what you’ve voted for. Regulations kill everything. USELESS REGULATION AND CORRUPTION.

  14. This bs is so late in the game it should be outright criminal the ones in government aren't going to be on the streets ever that's why they screw up the system where only they have everything and the rest are living where they can, billions of tourism dollars have already been lost and they will lose a lot more others are waiting for insolvency….

  15. I think it’s safe to say some lawmakers got ahead of themselves. You need a permit to cut a tree wider than 9 inches, but letting people go homeless on the street is okay. Laws need to adapt to the times….and times are tough. I guess there’s no such thing as a flexible government!

  16. Did you know the typical cost for a building permit in So Cal is $50,000 for building fees, planning fees, school impact fees, water impact fees, library impact fees… the list goes on and on. And plan on another $50,000 for environmental studies, archeological studies, noise studies, water runoff studies, soils engineering studies, seismic studies, percolation tests, etc. So you have dropped $100,000 before you have even paid for the land or hired an architect, civil engineer, or structural engineer, let alone poured one yard of concrete or put up a single stick of lumber. It is out of control.

  17. Also, no one wants to talk about the intentional devaluation of the USD by the Fed, the Fed Reserve Act and the Fed itself. No one wants to talk about inflation which is an indirect tax and other taxes that factor in to not being able to afford to purchase a home or condo or rent one, etc., in California.

  18. Think about all the costs, red tape and regulation that a home builder has to endure to build, sell a home! All those fees for permits, etc. gets passed onto the buyer. This isn’t charity.

  19. Affordable housing doesn’t exist except in theory. There are many factors why including, but not limited to: Lack of free enterprise; Foreign investment; Supply and demand; Price control; Cost of living; Illegal immigration, etc.

  20. I bet with $1.2 billion, you can build a 8 unit affordable apartment complex. Two million for construction and labor costs and rest for the politicians and bureaucrats.

  21. I lost 7 coworkers to Texas, Nevada , Colorado and Arizona due to just how expensive it is here these are muthafuckas making between 40-90k a year. I can understand the 40k, but not the 90k haha. The guys with 40k had expensive car notes lmao

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