What’s Driving California’s Mass Exodus?

As Oracle, Palantir and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise move their headquarters out of California and Elon Musk moves to Texas, California is considering raising taxes on the wealthy to unprecedented levels. Experts say California needs to find more ways to reverse the trend.

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What’s Driving California’s Mass Tech Exodus?


  1. People are leaving because the rent here is too dam high, I’m born and raised here and I’m considering moving because I can’t afford to live on my own I’d have to get a roommate and a second job just to get by.

  2. Gee. I dunno. Super high cost of living to the point ya can't exist. Fire after fire. A holes. Dope addicts. Gang bangers. Crooked cops that murder unarmed people.

  3. Wouldn’t it be something if every single business in California moved out or went bankrupt and there were hundreds of thousands of empty office buildings housing tens of millions of homeless starving people OR the future of California.

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  5. Oh yes and because the state is on FIRE !!! Don't worry Texas ……. Californians don't know how to prevent ecologiccal disaster. You next then.

  6. Massive forest fires, high taxes, water usage and water rights battles, in a decade of massive draught periods, crappy government policy, prop 222, gee, ya really need a list??? They punish any one who tries makin money,and its one of the most polluted states in the country. L.a. 8s a complete cest pool…Everything costs at least three times as much as any where else in the country… why would people want to stay there???

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  8. Some people think there's no cost to these progressive laws, and because the consequences don't happen immediately, they fail to make the connection over time as their living situation gets gradually worse. These same people like to scapegoat businesses and punish them, thinking no repercussions will come of it. But as the state gets more anti-business, those businesses start to leave. High paying jobs go with them, and the standard of living in the state falls. Tax revenue also falls, but the state needs those revenues to pay for the ridiculous amount of wasteful programs they have, so they raise taxes to compensate, which forces out more businesses and increases the cost of living on residents. Pretty soon the exodus accelerates.

    This is terrible news for California, because they're facing multiple crises at once, from a water shortage, to raging forest fires, and an epidemic of homelessness and drug abuse. A reckoning is coming.

  9. I left Los Angeles for Oaklahoma City in the Midwest, and it was the best decision of my life. Way less taxes, rent and school are not that expensive, and my daughter can enjoy a healthy life. Wish I made that decision at my twenties.

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