What Went Wrong With California's High-Speed Railway

It promised to transform how Californians travel but is now seen as a “bullet train to nowhere.” This is why America’s west coast megaproject has been far from high-speed. For more by The B1M subscribe now –

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Executive Producer and Narrator – Fred Mills
Producer – Adam Savage
Video Editing and Graphics – Jim Casey

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Additional footage and images courtesy of California High-Speed Rail Authority, Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0, Google Earth, J. Stephen Conn/CC BY-NC 2.0, Lisa Ferdinando/U.S. Secretary of Defense/CC BY 2.0, National Railroad Passenger Corporation, Siemens AG, TTCI, Virgin Hyperloop and OpenStreetMap Contributers (

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  1. I live in LA and I don't know why investors don't think we'd take high speed rail to SF of SD. I know I and most everyone I know would. And often. But environmental reviews and other types of red tape take FOREVER in CA. So much waste and inefficiency.

  2. This country is so backwards in some regards it's crazy… on one hand they produce new and innovative products and services like nobody else, on the other hand they can't build a simple train track….

  3. It is taking FOREVER. Reason is it is an expensive project. And we are new at HSR. But for sure we needs this in America. Maybe buy China HSR and later we will be able to build in the USA

  4. As long as the lefties have power anywhere in the US, projects like high speed rail will always run over-budget and decades behind schedule. Lefties love red tape and bogging things down in endless hand-wringing and envirofascism… it's no wonder people are left the left coast, esp California, in droves. Go woke, go broke.

  5. I felt like the people who does not like high-speed rail were like: "We're not China."
    (but ironically, they are emitting more carbon emissions from a single truck or diesel car than even 100 bullet trains can produce all at once in the same 1-day period; note: not a good estimation its exaggeration)

  6. China has no NIMBYS. They are just imprisoned, 're-educated', if they're lucky. Or they are simply shot. How simple, efficient, efficacious. Xi should be most pleased

  7. I would absolutely take a train if it meant not using the San Francisco airport. I reschedule flights if they try to make me have a layover there. That being said, California's state government of this whole project has been such a mess

  8. When it gets to los banos it will go right over the yokuts Indians burial grounds on Henry Miller rd I myself have found remains and turned them over to the Merced county sheriff dept wow California is racist just dig them it's ok

  9. It would take less than 1 year to build this in China. I remember watching them build a bridge over a river where I lived in a couple months.

  10. We arrived in California Central Valley in 2015 when construction started, and there was talk that it would take about 10 years to get done, but I don’t see enough progress to reach that goal. We lived in Fresno for about five years and now further north. Most people in the Central Valley say it will never be completed. I hope they are wrong.

  11. Why not start with a shorter project at more easily achieved speeds? Why not run at least part in say the I 5 route – where there is already an existing freeway right of way? This would also mean that cars stuck in low-speed traffic — would see a train screaming past them. Why not start with building the tracks at either end first? Say San Fran to San Jose and say LA to Santa Clara or Bakersfield. San Diego to LA . Why not build first what will deliver service more quickly?

  12. Keep in mind California’s government is ran by liberal Democrats that are known criminals they are crooked politicians they don’t even try to hide it they will go in the office having a net worth under $1 million and in 10 years they are worth tens of millions. California is the crown jewel of Democrat shit holes in the United States

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