What To Know On Eve Of California’s Gubernatorial Recall Election

Voters across California have been casting ballots for weeks, mostly by mail. Governor Newsom faces criticism for wildfire management, the state’s worst economic inequality and rising crime. The leading GOP challenger, Larry Elder, has raised concerns about the election’s integrity.
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  1. I really wish every GOP candidate from now on would be a little Trump. It's so satisfying and hilarious to see Trump cultists crying after the counting of votes.

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  3. Mail in ballots- the Pre’s and the vice press were floating around. Now I don’t believe it was an honest vote. Why do we think voting actually works anymore? Who has the most money

  4. Funny how all those ballots were mailed out to every citizen n had holes on the envelope so you can see if they voted yes on the recall or not real easy to toss those aside if you were so inclined

  5. They say larry is the black face of white supremacy. This is all i need to hear, Democrats are traitors liars and cowards

  6. On CBS ~ They Downplayed the potential for voter fraud by reiterating the Trump factor. ONLY THE DEMS HAVE BROUGHT UP TRUMP IN THIS RECALL ELECTION ! There have been published corroborated stories of mail-in ballots being in the hands of convicted felons ( hundreds of them) as well as people ( republicans) showing up to vote and being told they already have !|!|! YET NONE OF THESE VALID NEWS PIECES ARE REPEATED BY MAIN STREAM NEWS !

  7. If you expect the CA democrate voters to come to their senses then you are sadly mistaken (that is: you are close to a democratic thinking yourself).

  8. NBC News is a joke, hiding the facts for Lib agendas. Newsome is a clown; from his trans-gendered restrooms to his bogus inequality stance. Hopefully, the population wakes up and sees the Dem/Lib agenda is destroying the “Dream” that California once was.

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    China: "Ecology is a resource, wealth and treasure." Xi Jinping

  10. Self interest is for the past; common interest is for the future. – D. Attenborough

    Lu'sè Changcheng (Great green wall) can be seen from space.

    A fire from a US gender reveal party was seen from space.

    Start using goats to clear forest brush and start dobbing in Fire Karens.

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  12. Biased reporting. What exactly are Larry Elder's plans if he gets into the Governor's Mansion? Any discussion of this, analysis, criticism? None.

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