What It’s Like Living in California Now

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What it’s like living in California now is a little bit significantly different than seven months ago. California, now officially the world’s largest prison has the industries of homelessness and lockdowns to bolster its economy. Along with the highest tax rate in the nation, businesses being shutdown is another fantastic strategy that’s sure to improve the economy. Gavin Newsom, Mayor Garcetti, and Nancy Pelosi are spear heading the charge to help make California the zombie apocalypse capital of the world.

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  1. this isnt parody when gavin newsom or pelosi watches this, its a confirmation in their mind that they're doing the right decisions. Either that or dont care as long as they have power. Please california citizens help remove corruption from your state. dont vote for these career politicians, stop the lobyist, "donor" and ask about forensic audits.

  2. Reckon get word Blind1 is supposedly going to borrow Harris's balls and come to Florida to question Desantis! I would love for Desantis to tell him we gonna build a Northern border to the state and have our Coast Gaurd protect our Atlantic and Gulf shores to vent people coming in, YES SIR, YES MA'AM!

  3. who the idiots dislike such honest and spot on kinda video. dislike means u don't like the maker of this video and the content doesn't mean u agree with it by saying I dislike the ture of what his saying.

  4. No, Not really, they won't get less, they, (the demonic Gov't), they will get more because everyone is fleeing!
    All by DESIGN, as are the forest fires! Wake up Sheeple & Stand your effin' ground! For once !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. the governor of virginia makes up lies about Robert E Lee such as,
    1. Robert E Lee went around killing black people
    2. He also went around killing white people who disagreed with the killing of black people
    3. He did not graduate from West Point (Army)
    4. He forced numerous cities around the United States of America to put up monuments of himself riding his horse (Traveler)
    5. He had secret plans to take over the United States of America at a later time after ending the civil war at Appomattox
    6. He secretly told derek chauvin to kill that black man in Minnesota (after coming back to life of course)
    7. Robert E. Lee did come back to life in the form of Adolf Hitler and ruled over Germany from 1933 to 1945

  6. Love this… except Californians didn't vote for the liberal piece-of-shit politicians ruining this state. If successful voter fraud happens at the national level… bet your ass it happens at EVERY level.

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