1. You are lovely. You look so young.
    Please check out Char Omni. She is jealously slamming you. She is a bitter, evil woman who feels threatened by vegans somehow .
    I"m sure you've already been alerted. I'm not internet-saavy enough to get her shut down.

  2. Sigh, another rich California family has sole their house for zillions $$$$ and moved to a cheaper (not for long) state to buy twice the size property and raise all the rates — this happened to Seattle back in the early 2000s, Oregon and now Idaho. Hannah you must know that they gets LOTS of snow and ice for months. Plus I'm surprised Eric wanted to leave his job in CA, didn't he once swear he absolutely loved it?

  3. Sounds like a banana belt climate, we have the same in Black Hills of SD,
    it does get very very cold but also snow ⛄️ ❄️ is much lighter,
    mixed with visible sun ☀️ even though cold
    ~ JillyinSD

  4. YEAH HANNAH … ITS jill s. one of those moms from your childhood) we bought in Black hills of South Dakota, love it love leaving ca, bought in 2020 no regrets, people are so kind, helpful and free. Tons of beautiful animal 🐷🦆🐢 🦌 🦃 🦬 🐿 🦅 🐇🐏🐂🐟🐠🦋🐣🐷🐮 … love it. Love you channel … say hello to your sweet mom & dad ~ JillyinSD♥️

  5. Lot of Californians leaving California! We have enough for radical leftish and the very high taxes which goes to the wrong places!

  6. Your reasons for leaving California plus others are the reasons we left Washington state in December and moved to Texas. Goodby crowds and crime, hello old fashioned manners and sprawling acres. Good for you ❤️

  7. I’m originally from Moscow, Idaho but have lived in Southern California for almost 10 years. Idaho is beyond beautiful and will always be Idahome ! All the best for your move!!

  8. I am so glad you are not moving to Hawaii even though it is what you wanted. It is just right for you to be you and be less of your sister. You do you girl! Congrats

  9. When you're talking to "slower pace" I was getting a bit sad, as a slower pace would be perfectly working in cities, when we wouldn't hang on to cars so much. Like in dutch cities it's so relaxing and nice bc they promote cycling which is environmently friendly AND requires much less space than cars plus makes places more peaceful and safe especially for kids. They get so independent from adults when they are able to cycling and walk around in carfree places…

  10. Apparently Boise is the worst smelling city in America!! They have a lot of overflowing sewage plants, its unbearable, constantly smelling gross rotten bodily fluids and outhouse vibes. I hope your husband does things you want to do aswell. You are vegan, outgoing, positive, and your hubby isnt vegan, he doesnt want to move to Mauii, because of work? Now that he has the chance to go to mauii, no he wants to go to Idaho? Hannah you deserve someone that lets you make half the decisions, your lifes on pause for him. When is he going to let you have your way? <3

  11. So Gillian Berry just got the channel "Vegan Deterioration" a third strike, so as of now, it is gone! However, Char, the woman behind the channel, has a "backup channel" called "Char Omni". Here she's posted two videos so far, one on Gillian and one on you. It would be great if you to report that video, so that she doesn't grow another hate channel.

  12. Thank you thank you thank you for making a tree nut free recipe book!! I’m constantly looking for new and interesting recipes, but it’s always hard because my younger sister is severely allergic to tree nut. I can’t wait to get use the ebook!

  13. My husband and I had the same idea we moved out of state from California to Utah. And we're part of the cliché also. I heard Boise's beautiful, I think it's very similar to where we moved, similar climate.

  14. I don't know….but it seems that Hannah very much lives in a bubble. maybe it's for show on her channel but yea lol. I am grateful that she's transparent with how Eric feels, he seems more "real" and down to earth. maybe its just me idk. i feel she tries to be relatable to most people and its not happening. shrug and i mean, duh! thats totally cool but she didnt come off this way when I've watched her years before.
    the recipes are nice though and it was cool to hear about her career outside of YouTube when she was teaching.

    ill check back on this channel, maybe Idaho will bring something else out for the content.

  15. I’m from Southern Idaho about an hour and a half south of Boise. I have 2 little kids it’s the best place to raise a family. But I have a question! Southern Idaho is big time Dairy community, as an ethical vegan how do you feel about that? Most people you will meet will work in the dairy industry

  16. I have lived in the Boise area since 1988: Eagle for a year, Meridian for 15-ish years, now Boise 15-ish. I think your family will be a good fit because you don’t have the California aura. Get your plates changed out ASAP, bring nothing of the California mindset with you, and you’ll be golden (not the Golden State), ha ha.

  17. I was definitely thinking it would be Maui at first but then realized you said you wouldn’t move there and thought maybe Colorado, but Idaho has similar vibes to colorado so this doesn’t necessarily surprise me. Congrats!

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