We paid HOW MUCH for regular pediatrician visit in California

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  1. I never realised how lucky I was to live in Europe. We always see Americans pay so much money for something we have for free

  2. Why are health insurance and medical bills even a thing, in europe we have free healthcare and no insurance to pay.

  3. I think it's important to know the inflation and deflation of money across America. California is more on the inflated side, so it doesn't cost this much all over America!

  4. "She's very nice to my baby".


    For this price my doctor has to visit my child, come home, load the washing machine, clean the floor, cook, paint my walls, iron my shirts, put on a sexy nurse costume and satisfy all my sexual fantasies.

  5. I don't get it… Why do so many want to live in the USA? It's like a citizen pays just to be able to live there, because the country gives nothing back.

  6. I'll save you watching the video…. An effing fortune.

    "We had to pay zero"…Well no, you pay $500 per month. How do americans consider british taxes to be high when they pay more to insure just their baby, than I pay in taxes each month? 😂 🤣 😂

  7. In Switzerland the mandatory medical insurance for a newborn/child is about 50 bucks a month.

    With that insurance literally everything is covered, no more costs no matter if the child needs only the periodic checks or is severe sick, maybe disabled in any way.
    So when your baby had bad luck with health, at least the parents don't get financial problems on top.

  8. $550/month ?? A MONTH? you dont even go there every month you're paying way more bro i could pay my rent for 3 whole month with that money

  9. To all the people who think the US sucks and have never been here before in your life let alone lived here. Your opinions are just invalid. You can't judge a book by its cover. To all the people who don't want to live here who are, you may respectfully leave. No one is asking you to stay here. The US is a huge country that is incredibly diverse and with a fair and balanced government system that allows for people to be free and make their own way in this world. Yes, we have insurance for things, yes we may seem a bit strange to the rest of the world. However, it is one of the most culturally diverse and beautiful places on this earth. Heck, Alaska is over 3 times larger than Europe's largest country Ukraine. In the is the notion that you can become whatever you want as long as you work for it is true and I feel blessed to have that opportunity.

  10. In one hand price is too high and on the other it is paid by insurance.
    That's literally invisible or hidden trap.

  11. nah bc u gotta pay that much for just a check up like 💀💀💀 I'm from austria and u pay nothing for a check up. unless u go to a private doctor who specialises in a specific field (for example dentistry, dermatology, psychology etc) but otherwise it's free. ofc if u get your teeth fixed or something like that you have to pay for it but depending on the procedure insurance does cover a lot sometimes. either way I could NOT handle living in the US at all 💀

  12. I live in Canada now and I miss my healthcare in the USA so much! I'm actually worried about growing older in Canada and getting delayed, low-quality care. I'm a nurse btw.

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