VW California Beach Camper Seating Options 2022

Today we’re looking at the VW California Beach T6.1 Camper seating options including an explainer of how the fifth seat works.

If you’re considering a California Beach Camper you have the choice of the standard two-seat bench at the back with a storage locker, or you can upgrade to the three-seat bench at the back for more seating, and finally, you can purchase a removable fifth seat.

I personally would recommend only getting the fifth seat if you don’t camp a lot in your California Beach as the fifth seat needs to be removed to have the bed fold flat.

Thanks for watching! California Chris.

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  1. The problem is if I ordered one now it could turn up anything from 8 to 14 months times looking at people's delivery times already. Until I get a guaranteed price I'm not going to order. When you're spending 75k a couple of price increases could easily take it over 80k or more.

  2. I have a Beach Camper and bought the fifth additional seat that sits between the two front and two rear seats. It’s very heavy to lift in and out and not something to do regularly. You also need to lever up the end covers on the rails to slide the seat in. Has come in useful a couple of times but don’t think it’s an easy change to add or remove. Apart from that, the Beach Camper is a superb vehicle with lots of flexibility.

  3. Hi Chris. Very informative video thank you. We watch your videos all the time and really enjoy them. We wanted to ask your advice: have a Coast 21 plate and we are trying to find a cup holder for the rear, as there isn’t anything for the rear passenger to use. We have obtained one that looks as if it should clip on to the rail above the cupboard doors, but it doesn’t seem to fit securely. If you are able to provide a part number or link to the correct one, we would happily buy it from you. Many thanks for your help. Kind regards

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