Trump Lies About California Recall and Nicki Minaj’s Vaccine Tweet Goes Viral | The Tonight Show

Jimmy addresses Trump’s lies about California’s recall election and Nicki Minaj’s absurd COVID-19 vaccine claim.

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Trump Lies About California Recall and Nicki Minaj’s Vaccine Tweet Goes Viral | The Tonight Show



  1. TO THE DUMBASSES IN THE UNITED STATES OF CHAOS YOUR ALL BEING RAPED WITH NO LUBE ENJOYShut it down and pay all citizens reimbursement for govt tyranny I say every govt official resign for being incompetent with human life , USA is a failed stateiittt

  2. How unusual. Team Insurrection couldn't find an even older and more white Trump puppet as candidate?! All they could dig up was a trophy black radio host? Even Pence's mother would have better chances at elections

  3. Hilarious how the audience cheers for Gavin Newsome solely because hes a Democrat. Really shows how brainwashed people really are. I wonder how many of them know that people are exiting California by the thousands because of how horrible it is is to live there, because of Democrats. Or how many of them have visited downtown LA and seen first hand what it's really like down there. You would swear you're in a third world country in some areas!! Very sad for Cali, Newsome ain't gonna do a damn thing for that state.

  4. Meanwhile historians, veterans and more know that protocols for treason exposed have been carried out world wide because they know things like grade school history they'd taught us that no one is permitted to cross in front of the Queen of England during a public ceremony, it's an act of disrespect that's been punished by death with records and all for centuries, unless the person has information of treason. Trump did it and with her blessing, right in front of the world.

  5. Shame on what is going on in California. An elitist state. Do as I say. Not as I do. Newsom has destroyed California. He fancies himself a god. The working taxpayers are people suffering. All for dirty filthy politics. Absolutely disgusting. People need to wake up. Their lives and their kids lives depend on it.

  6. You can tell there's a divide between Jimmy/Higgins and the young liberal douchebag staff. Look no further than the title of this video. There's no mention of "Norm Tribute" or anything. Just Trump lying and NIcki Minaj. So ridiculous. More proof? One of the best comedians of all time, Norm, dies at a fairly young age in a decade long hidden battle with cancer…. they have him do 11 minutes of absolute garbage to lead off the show, and don't mention Norm til that far into the show. I would have been leading off with Norm. To hell with Jimmy's staff. This is another reason why I will never watch this show again, except for a few youtube clips of comedians I like, even though I do like Fallon.

  7. When you call the election less than an hour after the polls close, you know it's fraudulent. We have more than 50 people in California, asshole. But let's not the libtards spent millions, at the last minute, to save the ass of Pelosi's dirtbag nephew. Nevermind he screwed his best friend's wife. Nevermind he left the governor's mansion, after 1 night, because he didn't want his kids stepping over the homeless people problem HE created. Nevermind he thinks he's above covid rules when it comes to dining, masks and schools.

  8. So, all those stories about Republican voters showing up to voting polls and being told they already voted were just lies huh? Interesting take you have. It’s almost like Newsom wrote your monologue himself, or did he just shove his hand up the writers asses and control them like Elmo. I know y’all like that sort of thing out there in California.

  9. The thought of Pete Davidson getting caught in a marching band at the Met Gala makes me picture him as Larry David''s son, on "Curb Your Enthusiasm", caught in a marching band at the Met Gala…

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