[Trailer] How Racism is Taught In California's High Schools | Kali Fontanilla

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My Guest today is Kali Fontanilla, a former California High School Teacher. Her story of why she quit her job after speaking out against critical race theory and ethnic studies in California got hundreds of thousands of views on social media.

What is ethnic studies? And what is its real impact on California students and teachers?

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  1. Half Asian and half Hispanic, I claim Hispanic every time in school because I know that the education system in CA is systemically racist and will discriminate against me if I claim Asian.

  2. Parents need to stay awake & alert & make certain u know what they are teaching the future leaders of tomorrow. I'll admit that I kinda fell asleep at the wheel, partly because I didn't know how bad the indoctrination had gotten. I figured my son was learning about the same subjects I did when I was in school & now that my son is in his early twenties, I'm seeing exactly how bad it has gotten because my son now believes that the government would never harm or lie to the people of America & whatever the government says u should do is probably the right thing to do. I'm in the process of trying to correct this brainwashing that has gone on with my kid but its very hard when he's been told that if you are a straight white male, as I am, then u have this white supremacy ideology & have been blessed with "white privilege" your entire life. & I tell my son that its total bs & if u talk to any intelligent person of color who grew up in America in the last 30-40 years, they have not been oppressed by overpowering white supremacist & any person of color can be as successful as they want & achieve whatever goals they set to accomplish & this CRT that they are trying to push on the youth today is complete BS.

  3. Leftists use these Nazi & communist tactics to divide people and separate children from their parents and have them look to the state to “solve” their perceived problems. Leftism is a cancer that is metastacizing.

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