Touring A Massive $188 Million California Mega Mansion | Ryan Serhant Vlog #038

Ryan Serhant gets a chance to tour one of the most expensive mansions in the United States. From helicopters on the roof to suitcases made out of extremely rare stones, Ryan gives you an inside look at the 8th wonder of the work. 924 Bel Air Rd



Ryan Serhant began his first day in the real estate business on September 15, 2008 – the same day that Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy in the wake of the subprime mortgage collapse. While the real estate sector has steadily recovered, Serhant himself has quickly become one of the most successful brokers in the world, with agents under his leadership in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and the Hamptons. The Serhant Team has been named by WSJ Real Trends as the #1 real estate team in New York for two years in a row, and the #2 team in the country, selling close to $1 billion in real estate last year. Ryan is consistently the youngest broker to make the Journal’s top ten list each year.

Ryan stars in the popular Bravo series “Million Dollar Listing New York,” which just wrapped its seventh season. On September 18, 2018 – the week of his 10-year anniversary in real estate – he will debut his first book, Sell It Like Serhant. When pre-sales were announced, Ryan was #1 on Amazon’s daily list of “Movers and Shakers.” As star and producer, this year he also debuted his new Bravo show, “Sell It Like Serhant,” started a successful vlog ( and launched an app (Agent Empire: NYC). There is nothing Ryan can’t do. His motto communicates his professional and personal philosophy, “Expansion. Always. In all ways.”

924 Bel Air Road is an Exclusive Nest Seekers Listing


  1. It’s interesting I’m thinking “I’d do anything to live there” and “Who would want to live there?” At the same time.
    On a completely unrelated note, I think I was supposed be born into royalty so someone needs to fix that s**t… just saying. 😉

  2. Originally went on the market for $250 mil; sold for $94 mil. Lesson? Spec houses are a waste of time and money, no matter how gorgeous they are. Something is only worth what a buyer will pay. Remember that.

  3. I don't like the house at all…fake ….museum of imperfections…. for what? 188$ … ridiculous !!! Yes, you are right / Crazy/ but the price is crazy… in our country in Europe he would not get even half of your price …out of 250 million, the price is 188 million and will still go down when he wants to sell it….

  4. People say this doesn't feel homely. Obviously it doesn't coz its not a home yet. Its just an asset and just a house. When a family that can afford this buy it they'll make it their home. And it will be homely for them while living with their family. Just because yall can't afford it doesn't mean its bad. It like the story of the wolf who said grapes are bad jist because he couldn't have some for himself.

  5. These ultra modern homes that are being built in LA are drabby, cold and dark with no character, and are just big but no bang. They all will become outdated and out of style in a few years time, I'd bet a precious dollar that these ultra modern homes will depreciate in value as fast as a car, they'll never recoup their initial value. I'd rather have a $1 million dollar home with charm and character than that $65 million dollar rectangle. Where are all the homes with class, character, and "timeless" elegance that will last for a 1000 years? They certainly aren't being built in LA. The homes in LA have no character & class just like the people who live in the Hollywood Hills who are destroying the minds and are contributing to the degradation to our children's development. Anyone else feel the same way?

  6. I didn't enjoy this one. Didn't feel like a home. I prefer the townhomes in new York expensive yet homely feel and the penthouses.
    If I was super rich I'd be more than happy with a penthouses or a townhouse.

  7. Especially seeing how filthy rich people all fucked up by having too much money. Sometimes, the govt really needs to regulate those ways that allow stupid ppl to have too much money. Their minds can 't control it anyway. Like homeless won lottery and after a few months, homeless again. Earn what you can have. That's why robbery is not helping you.

    $50k = Awesome
    $1/4 mil = Crazy
    $a few mils = Insane
    $more than mils = …. whistle, what just happened

  8. I have an avid appreciation for the unique and I like expensive things, but this is stupidly impractical and disgustingly ostentatious…I mean, DOM PERIGNON fire extinguisher? 21 bathrooms? Seriously? 🤦🏻‍♀️

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