Touring a $110,000,000 California Ranch With 3 MEGA MANSIONS!

This week we are in Santa Barbara, California touring a 3600 Acre ranch with 3 Mega Mansions! Follow us on Instagram @EnesYilmazer , @AyersWorld , @Jaysonk0312!

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Property Address: Santa Barbara, California
Listing Price: $110,000,000
More information on El Rancho Tajiguas:
or contact the listing agent, Marco Naggar:

Listing Agents: Marco Naggar (Dre 02004994) & Aaron Kirman (Dre 01296524) & Randy Solakian
(Dre 00622258)

About El Rancho Tajiguas:
“The historical El Rancho Tajiguas is quite possibly the rarest offering on the largely undeveloped natural masterpiece that is the Gaviota Coast. Where new development is heavily regulated, this unparalleled ranch represents not only two of the finest estates found anywhere around the globe, but is set in what many call the the Crown Jewel of Southern California. El Rancho Tajiguas is the perfect marriage of utmost luxury and natural beauty, with its two ocean facing estates, surrounded by complete serenity on approximately 3,500 acres of ranch land, including active cattle rangeland, and hundreds of acres of avocado and persimmon orchards active cattle grazing rangeland and largely untouched natural open spaces. Its history can be traced back to the of King of Spain, Carlos III. The sheer awe inspiring scale of this land coupled with its unmatched views and privacy, place Villa Della Costa and Villa Del Mare as the new benchmark at the forefront of luxury estates along California’s idealistic Pacific Coast.

The Ranch encompasses approximately 1,100 acres of rangeland which supports a year round cow-calf operation of approximately 200 animals, while the upland areas of the Ranch are home to a myriad of native plant and animal species.. The agricultural orchard operations on the Ranch are dispersed over approximately 585 acres of land, including avocado orchards (285 acres), persimmon orchards (12 acres), orchard access roads, water storage reservoirs, fertilization and injection facilities, crop storage and loading areas, barns, and maintenance shops. Irrigated orchard coverage for purposes of calculating resource demand and productivity yield is estimated to be 425 acres.”

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Created by Enes Yilmazer (DRE 02077182) – @EnesYilmazer
Filmed by @AyersWorld ,@Jaysonk0312 , @Ddavis
Edited by @AyersWorld , @Jaysonk0312


Time Codes:
0:00 – Intro
2:15 – House #1 Exterior & Main Level Part 1
7:08 – House #1 Lower Level
11:10 – House #1 Main Level Part 2
16:00 – House #1 Backyard
18:40 – Ranch Grounds
19:30 – House #2 – Historic Hacienda
23:10 – Viewpoint #1
25:05 – Viewpoint #2
27:15 – House #3 Exterior & Main Level Part 1
32:55 – House #3 Main Level Part 2
37:20 – House #3 Lower Level
39:25 – House #3 Backyard
41:30 – Interview With Marco Naggar
47:18 – Ranch Tour at Night


  1. This was one of the most challenging shoots we have ever worked on. As a team it took us 3 days to shoot and make sure to keep an eye on our 2nd channel, Enes Plus for the behind the scenes video. Also, we want to thank each and every one of you for the tremendous support. We recently got featured on Wall Street Journal, make sure to check out the feature below.

  2. At first thought what a waste of 3400 acres with just 3 homes but it being a working ranch ups its attractiveness. I already have two packinghouses lined up for the avocados and citrus lol.
    All the service personnel needed to maintain the homes, the ranch business, and security. It's its own little town. It even has its own water and electricity.
    Helipad for air ambulance as well as personal use.
    The views are to die for and even Oprah would be jealous.

  3. Enes I am very interested to buy this property but i need at least four months to prepare the funds and get over there,im here in Philippines we need us visa for the entire family

  4. Its beautiful but why would someone want to live in a place like this? The maintenance expenses would be horrendous and your privacy is non existent with staff and crew always on the grounds. Children would be miserably isolated and lonely here. What fun is any of it without companions? So much money just wasted on operations and functioning. A beautiful, lonely, money pit.

  5. How many times you have opened with those three lines… noting original, who is going to buy it…Chinese…. The fact that you have an accent is a rue…. The prices and methods of selling nothing for an absolute value is dangerous…. You need to stop… of an Immergrent buys this property, you are selling to a passive invasion….

    Careful, this can ruin this state of affairs. Italy has many properties as well as Mexico better than this.

    As this country turns into a socialist country, only the privilege can afford this.


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