Tonga Tsunami hits California Coast in Pacifica #Tsunami #CaliforniaTsunami

Video captured by Savannah Peterson January 15th at 8:30am as the Tonga Tsunami came ashore in Pacifica, California just south of San Francisco. To donate to relief efforts in Tonga:

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  3. Thank goodness I don't live close to the ocean or have my house on beachfront property right within Striking Distance of a tsunami or unusually big waves during the winter months and if your house gets wrecked due to a large tsunami that's going to play for keeps don't ask me as a tax-paying US citizen not to pay into your repairs of your beachfront property whatsoever and at the same time don't ask for my insurance company to raise my rates just because you want to live right at the water's edge !

  4. Awwww, I lived there in '87 '88. Such a precious little town.
    (. . . Except for the chunks of apartments that have been falling into the ocean in recent years.)
    Mazetti's bakery still there? Had a crush on that girl : )

  5. In the interest of full disclosure, it was a full moon (or nearly so) and the tide was high right at the time of the "tsunami". Also, there has been decent sized surf this week. The tsunami was a little bit of a boost. The Santa Cruz Harbor parking lot flooded, but it's done that before.

  6. This is absolutely clickbait! For anyone who actually understands the ocean, this happens at the Pacifica pier EVERYTIME we have a high tide + large swell – which is exactly what happened this day (6ft high with 10ft @15 NW swell).

    The poster here is simply trying to attract views unfortunately..

  7. Somewhere in CA dozens of cars were partially submerged. Sucks to be them. Interesting to see if insurance will cover them since they were parked near a marina and there would be at least a full 24 hrs of advanced notice.

  8. Pacifica Native here. Family has lived there for 52 years. THIS IS NOTHING! Should have seen the houses that used to be in front of the beach before they all got remodeled. The water went up several blocks. Broke that pier to the left and demolished the ocean walls.

  9. So if it were a seriously large event these people would be half way to Hawaii by now. Say the shelf in Hawaii collapsed the beach front would be 5 miles out to sea. Just saying.

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