Toby Johnson – California

Listen to ‘California’, the new single from UK singer-songwriter Toby Johnson.
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  1. Hey do y'all know a song that goes
    please god give me the strength to pay my debts
    I never meant to fall this far but here I am
    and I'm begging you for a second chance
    I know I lost control but it wont happen again
    she's just so beautiful it hurts
    but she don't know how much I was in love with her
    I never ask then I'll never know
    what it takes to make up for all my faults..

    I have this song in my old iPhone 4 and its under the title "what it takes" and there's not an artists name. I don't know if that is the actual name. I've tried using shazam app and just typing up the lyrics but nothing has worked.
    I was listening to your indie playlists a lot when I had this phone so I thought I'd try to look through your old videos you made between 2016-2017 but still no luck. Please if these lyrics sound familiar to anyone, let me know because I want it on my new phone and I love the song. thx.

  2. Lovely song to make you excited about the future.

    After receiving devastating news about my friend comitting suicide yesterday, this song makes me wish I could show him the beauty in the world still left for him to discover …
    May he rest in piece….

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