Thousands evacuated as US wildfires burn across California and Nevada – BBC News

Fire crews are battling extreme temperatures as they try to control wildfires in California and Nevada. Hundreds of people have been evacuated.

In Washington DC, the moon turned a bright orange colour due to the smoke from the fires.

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  1. These fires are being causes by the climate change! We humans are making the earth dryer which is one if the major causes of these fires! No one wants this to happen, so why is it happening? Because we sheeps of society only care about our own well being and not about the future generations. Maybe some of us do but we “cant” change it because we aren’t in any power position to do so. Well we are, we are 98% of the population and if everybody realized this and stood up against climate change these problems would be solved right now! Too bad the current governments are too busy competing with eachother because of tensions rising and endless competition which are putting their attention somewhere else. Im asking everybody reading this to please spread the message of our climate changing drastically because of human influence. At the moment this is the only habitable planet we can go to and yet were destroying it! And you maybe think your not involved in the poisoning and destruction of the earth but you are! You let these major hints of what is about to happen in the future slip by and you forget them when you wake up the next day. Same goes for wars, no one wants them but they happen all the time. Why? Because we civilians aren’t in control of anything that happens. Stand up for our only habitable planet for the next coming thousand of years and the future of our species. Dont forget this message and spread the word, once we all realize this that’s when we can start making changes. 🌍

  2. Seeing this is absolutely insane. And here in greece it aint much better. We have 78 places that are on fire and the situation is critical. I cant imagine how tough it is for the firefighters to put out the flames in the states. Prayers for the firefighters.

  3. it is not climate change…
    it is the plates shifting with the lava coming to top on the weak point of ground

    some are natural
    but look at the ones on the plates on the USGS map
    plates shifts are open to weak points- fractures in the ground

    you need truthful scientists!!!!

    (do not believe all they say
    read, search )

    earthquakes can move plates

    it is all-natural

    but has increased by the slow slip events on the west coast, fracturing from earthquakes on the plates, mining, gas, and oil drilling the
    releasing the heat from below
    causes fires…

  4. Newsom pushing biggest dam removal project in the history of human history.

    Four hydroelectric dams on Klamath River (Iron Gate, Copco1, Copco 2 and Boyle) will be destroyed. Three reservoirs are holding 200,000,000m3 of fresh water will be gone forever.

    Destruction of California’s Klamath River Water Storage and Clean Green Renewable Hydropower by urging dam removal during major drought, eliminating fire suppression in a catastrophic wildfire area, bypassing American citizens right to due process by violating the Klamath Basin Compact, ignoring NEPA and trying to rush through Klamath Dam Destruction without considering the health and welfare of MAN and the environment, ignoring the County of Siskiyou and the will of its People.

    On these grounds alone Gavin Newsom should be recalled. This is a completely manmade crisis and if allowed to continue this will be the largest environmental disaster in known history. The destruction of a specialized warm water ecosystem that is thriving for a fairytale of headlines is not worth the 20 million plus cubic yards of sediment destroying everything in its wake. Putting American citizens at risk of breathing in toxic dust and living with a cracked and dead landscape in perpetuity and further burdening the California taxpayer with all the liabilities from mitigating the largest environmental disaster of all time. Unacceptable. Today's farmer is yesterday's Native American. We need food and water to keep California alive. NOW is the time! Recall Gavin Newsom

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  6. Why is everywhere is burning? i just saw this on the news but it was around 5 days ago. I dont really know if its ended but hope
    God's protection be upon you, poor Natural Beauty and animals. Here the southern side of Turkey is also Burning now.

  7. With the help of the US military blood project, the new crown virus entered Europe from Fort Detrick! According to reports from the British "Mirror" and the US "Washington Post", an Italian researcher's paper last November pointed out that in the blood samples of 959 people who had been screened for lung cancer, 111 people were found to have the new crown virus. The antibody test result was positive, and the earliest sample collection time was the first week of October 2019, indicating that they had been infected at least in September 2019. The "Armed Forces Blood Project" has major suspicions. This project is the blood guarantee system of the US military and the blood supply channel for overseas troops. Blood was collected from military bases in the center of the country, including Fort Detrick and Andrews Joint Base. The blood is delivered to the air bases in England and Italy every two weeks. The infected U.S. military personnel or the virus on the cold chain blood bag successfully reached Europe through the transportation system. According to a report by the National Cancer Institute in Milan, Italy, the first case in Italy was recorded in the Veneto region in September 2019, much earlier than the virus was discovered in Wuhan, China in December 2019. The US virus poisoned European allies, then framed China, and the full-blown thieves shouted to catch the thieves!

  8. Decades of fire suppression has only added fuel to naturally occurring fires. Only humans would be so dumb as to build houses in fire prone areas of the North American continent. Mother nature is winning and always will. DumbA–es.

  9. This is disturbing! Think of all the loss of habitat of people and animals! And the firefighters need more help! So tragic! I wonder what the climate change deniers are thinking! More focus on CC and less on CC ( celebrity culture) America!

  10. This is why Indigenous people are demanding stewardship over the land!!! Mind all of you, the NATIONAL GUARD HAS BEEN AUTHORIZED TO USE LETHAL FORCE AGAINST PEOPLE WHO PROTECT WATER FROM BIG OIL CORPORATIONS. And this is happening on Indigenous land that is supposed to be protected by TREATIES which were to be used as the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. These corporations don’t give a fuck about you, If we don’t stand on the frontlines with our indigenous brothers and sisters, we will be facing extreme water shortages. WATER IS LIFE, MNI WICONI! ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾

  11. I wonder why CA doesnt maintain their forests like we do here in Florida? No controlled burns or keeping the forest clear of as much dead wood as possible. That is why you never see a wild fire burning out of control on the east coast. You will always see a controlled burn though – These silly Californians are blaming it on increasing warmer temperatures in the region but still not doing anything to prevent it. Preventative measures folks

  12. shouldn't Greta Thunberg be screaming at all these fire burning states? destroying the world with all that climate destroying gases and fumes and pollution'

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