The People’s Convoy in Adelanto, California | Staging

We arrived at the People’s Convoy in Adelanto, California for the staging before take off tomorrow morning! We will be camping overnight and following the convoy to Kingman, Az!!! Be sure to subscribe to follow our journey. Thank you for watching! #peoplesconvoy #freedomconvoy


  1. 🇺🇲❤️ ROLL ON! LET FREEDOM ROLL! 🇺🇲❤️ Adelanto is where I love. So proud to be a part of that rally. Then I was able to join the convoy, once in a lifetime experience. We are a part of history! ❤️🇺🇲 Stay safe out there!

  2. We stop dreaming we die. Thank u FREEDOM truckers 🚚 all around the globe 🌍 u r hero's for the world, and I want to say thank u from the bottom of my heart ❤️. Ur hope for the world. Courageous and free. 🙏🇺🇲♥️🚛💯

  3. Keep on Truckin❣❣❣
    Thank you from bottom of my heart for speaking out for all of us, affected by mandated jab, and have had natural immunity ignored.

  4. Conservative Party/Freedom Truckers'/Peoples' Envoys nationalism platforms are side-by-side with those of Quebec's Separatist Bloc Québécois, yet it's Trudeau who's out communist Oh Canada?

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