Why California has a homeless problem?! | EP. #6

Listen to this podcast on your favorite platform! Spotify: Apple: In this world, it’s pretty hard to monetize most businesses. But there are a few geniuses out there that can monetize just about anything. Today we go over the example of the evil genius Gavin Newsom is Gavin, is the governor of California, and he… Continue reading Why California has a homeless problem?! | EP. #6

California's Water Problem

Twitter: Facebook: Video description: California, the most populous state in the US has an enormous demand for water. In this video, we want to understand how this water supply is maintained and what some future challenges might be. Music: Red – Nameless Servant Continent – Anbr Riot – Monako Contraluz – Tomas Novoa Dystopian Bliss… Continue reading California's Water Problem