Surviving on $90,000 a year in California

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  1. This video is for educational purposes, not our real income 🙏 made it for everyone who is thinking of moving to Silicon Valley like we did 6 years without really knowing how expensive it gets.

  2. If I shopped for these people and sent the groceries to them, they still would pay about 1/2 of that or less.

  3. So you are not getting monetization out of 800k subscribers and millions of views
    Who are you fooling lady 🤡

  4. I see all these comments about moving. That is way easier said than done. Not everyone pays rent. Some people actually own homes. Selling is extremely difficult if everyone is trying to leave. And one has to consider changing jobs. Not everyone has the privilege of working from home. And that is even harder if you don't know where to move if you're a California native. Only military had the most advantage of being mobile in order to get to know the country in hopes of planting roots in some place new. Even with the help of the internet, moving can be a challenge. One could be locked into a lease, and it might cost more to break it, rather than ride it out just to leave the state. And not all employers will pay for you to relocate. Job hunting becomes a full-time job in itself. And your salary could be less to reflect the cost of living depending on where you move to. You might be signing up for less that what you originally bargained for.

  5. When I used to live with my parents my dad would make $60,000 a year. I guess we would’ve been homeless if we lived in cali. Thank goodness for being born in Texas

  6. If you make certain decisions in life like having kids and moving somewhere that is ridiculously expensive then you can only be upset with yourself. make move to a small town somewhere outside of the big city, so things can be more affordable.

  7. This is how big different lives are. I'm living a comfortable life with $6000/year while the poor in US survives with $90.000/year.

  8. My family of four buys $2-300 in groceries every week and a half w/ a 5 and 12 year old. Geeze- I need THAT store!

  9. how does my family of 3 spend more than 100 on average grocery shopping, we go like every week

  10. I living with 4 person famili in Poland for 17 k dolars…. and that is not so bad paimant.

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