Supreme Court Reviewing California Magazine Ban!!! Duncan v. Bonta

In this video I give an important update in the Duncan v. Bonta California magazine ban case which is now up for Supreme Court review.
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  1. Thank you for everything you do. We here in WA are now facing a similar magazine ban by our run-a-muk, far left, liberal government. Where just last week they passed a “high capacity” mag ban in the middle of the night, using the Russia/Ukraine conflict to take attention away from things that happen here locally, stating it was legal for us to own previously legally acquired “high capacity” magazines however we were basically not aloud to use them in any situation, not even to defend ourselves. Therefor essentially rendering them useless, making this (I believe) the 9 state with draconian magazine capacity laws, and also putting an unjust financial burden on every single firearms owner here in WA. If I had to replace every single magazine I own with a now low Cap mag, it would close me thousands upon thousands of dollars. Do you know if there has been an appeal filed yet?

  2. Let's say SCOTUS issues a positive decision, then we the gun owners will still be apathetic. Most likely scotus kicks back to the 9th to figure it out

  3. Washington has the same ban on high capacity magazines coming July 1, 2022! Stating "prohibits the sale, attempted sale, manufacture and distribution of high-capacity magazines. Like Maryland, it does not prohibit the possession of high-capacity magazines, instead focusing prospectively on the supply side." Never thought my state would too.

  4. That's this wicked government for you criminalizing law abiding citizens over inanimate object legally obtained and paid for merchandise.

  5. I think we should reverse the bans. Make all gun laws applicable only to government personnel. Government personnel should be limited in the use of arms in general while the citizens enjoy no infringement whatsoever.

  6. this will now be the third mag ban case that has made it to SCOTUS that I'm aware of, this should be more than enough alone for them to take up anjrpc v grewal or this case, it was a different court make up when worman v healey got there and the case was not granted certiority

  7. I don't want to end up like Australia, Germany, UK, France, or Canada. Those governments have shown their hostile intentions towards their citizens. Power grabs are occurring worldwide.

  8. Washington State just passed its on ban on the sale of standard capacity magazines. However, it stops short of banning those already in possession. I would like to see SCOTUS overturn the California law.

  9. Hey thanks as always for bringing these up. Sadly WA state here despite our best efforts and record opposition sign up passed a mag ban. Its degusting but we will keep fighting for our rights under the 2nd amendment and our rights under article 1 section 24 of the state constitution. We have a right to these weapons even if our government dislikes it.

  10. SB5078 in Washington State just passed yesterday that bans “high capacity” magazines. I’m hoping this Supreme Court case goes in the lawful gun owners favor.

  11. Criminals have AK-47's, AR- 15's with drum magazines that hold 200 rounds, and they don't care about following the laws; and, our government expects the American People to defend themselves with only 15 round magazines?. A person would have to have 100/ 15 round magazines to defend themselves against 3 to 10 Criminals armed with 200 round magazines each. What is WRONG with this situation?. The United States government needs to think about this before they do something very stupid. And with WW3 starting in Ukraine, every American Citizen should be fully armed and ready to fight in my opinion.

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