Stranger Things 4 | Welcome to California | Netflix



  1. Season 1: "where is my boy"
    Season 2: "what is wrong with my boy"
    Season 3: "What's wrong with the magnets"
    Season 4: "Why is this doll in my house"

  2. not sure but i think that eleven will turn into a psycopath proof (theory)
    0:50 she is crying
    0:58 machine from stranger things 3 i am sure that someone can go mad that machine is imprinted in my brain ( 3 to the left)
    from judging 0:57 ( where mike is shown) and 0:57 (where eleven is shown) and 0:53 the person takes of headphine (someone very important dies)

  3. I don’t think stranger things 4 will come out because of this war that’s happening to Russia and Ukraine and maybe coming to USA there is a world war 3 happening

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