Steve Kornacki Breaks Down The California Recall Election Efforts

Steve Kornacki, MSNBC politics correspondent, talks with Rachel Maddow about how voting patterns break down across the state of California and what that means for Republicans looking to unseat Governor Gavin Newsom in Tuesday’s recall election. 
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  1. !🇺🇸💙NEWSOM WINS LANDSLIDE!!🇺🇸 When Democrats WIN by a Landslide:
    3. Criminal Voter Suppression Laws (400 rushed in by Heritage Foundation) 4. GQP Fascist COUP LOSER RALLIES 1.6.2021 COUPs 9.18.2021 DON'T WORK!!!!!!

  2. So basically, tRumpublicans wasted a ton of tax money on something they had no hope of winning. These are your big money wasters, money that could have gone to addressing some of Californias problems. Leave it to conservatives to waste money.

  3. Right, the numbers are not rocket science. Registered Dems outnumber GOP by 2 to 1. This folly of a recall by the GOP was always about a craven attempt at a power grab, since they couldn't win a state wide general election to save their lives. It's a true blue supermajority in both chambers of the statehouse. Duh.

  4. People have lost all integrity, decency and brains when they can’t see in what deplorable condition CA is and still vote to keep this thieve in office it’s disgusting! What’s it going to take for people to see Truth and not colors, Blue or Red? It’s a very sad state of affairs in America right now, God help us🙏

  5. Fraud like in the presidencial election. Dems are experts in FRAUD. Twitter, Google, Facebook are in the Silicon Valley. They’re the masters of fraud. Can you expect that a black conservative be appointed as governor? Of course nor. They’re racists.

  6. He hasn't won yet!!! And every new outlet that misleads the people should have charges pressed against them and be barred from ever being on a network ever again period!!! Your job is to deliver fair and balanced is crystal clear that you have an agenda and are therefore incapable of performing your duty!!!

  7. There’s so much riding on this, for more than just California. I fear the vote blue no matter who is just too strong in California.

    They don’t understand, it’s going to hurt them the most.

  8. Thank you left wing lunatics in Cali who are sending more of your job creators to Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, and Florida. We profit off your stupidity!! LMAO

  9. The Republicant party needs to reimburse California for this stupidity. Imagine what good 270 millions could do in this state! The GOP is a shameless group of thugs at this point whose polititicians cant get elected dog catcher in this state at this point and time! and they know this!

  10. The recall is a sham. A court gave a bunch of Republicans, who give zero f's about the pandemic, 4 extra months to get over the 12% threshold, because of the pandemic.

  11. wondering when Steve Kornaki's magic board will have to start incorporating GOP fraud and vote suppression metrics; and then to final gateway when the republican leaders simply ignore the outcome

  12. Whoops! I thought I was watching an honest news channel but I just realized it’s MSNBULLSHIT. My bad! I almost heard too much fake news. Well I’m off to watching a real news station. Your welcome to join me! I’m headed over to NewsMax. Hope to see you there. God knows most of you need some truth.

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