Southern California’s Daniel Wozniak case

Daniel Wozniak’s fiancée is his acting partner, Rachel Buffett. Their wedding is less than 48 hours away. He’s at his bachelor party in Huntington Beach when homicide detectives break up the party with an arrest warrant. UPDATES:


  1. Well old Daniels acting days are over because my guess is when he winds up in Jail being someone’s Bitch he won’t need to act Scared and Afraid. because he really will be as far as his Fiancé and a nice Cruise i’m sure that’s going to over and he is going to be alone and probably killed inside whatever Prison he winds up in

  2. the detectives the whole time thought he was helping sam run away, instead of you know, him being the culprit. one day they are gonna have to learn not to fixate on their first suspect and try to force the evidece to fit.

  3. I thought that the character Salome got into the plot somehow. And she was casting out lots of bad stomach gas just to sing that opera.And at the performance I attended, she was dancing around almost naked with a bloody severed head of an antelope.

  4. Most of all I proud of Sam’s father. He investigated his missing son first . And that how it led to find out who is the real murder. Nowadays it is so very hard to trust anyone. Human is capable to do evil and unthinkable at anywhere anytime.

  5. All he had to do was keep quiet and he would have walked out of there that day. From there he could have made sure that all the evidence was thrown away and whatnot and might have possibly got away. The guilt was eating away at him and he knew what he did was wrong. God wasn't going to let the devil win this one!

  6. We didn't know where he served in Afghanistan and if he was exposed to PTSD..? Really bro?? Just going on a plane 18 hours to Afghanistan is PTSD. Even if you don't leave the wire, the base still gets mortared often, it's extremely stressful. What an ignorant pig to downplay this man's duty and sacrifice to defend our beautiful country. A shameful disgrace smh.

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