So, California Is Banning Gaming PCs…

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California is going to be banning high level PC’s. This is insane. Let’s discuss.

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  1. Private sector controlled energy grid in California cuts corners, causes fires and regularly pumps out rolling blackouts*

    "Let's get those damn PC gamers"!

  2. Rich I agree with everything you said ACCEPT the cars thing. Cali is the worst enemy to car enthusiasts and are even trying to push epa standards throughout the country and even preventing street cars from being used as race cars. boats and the military are our biggest concerns. cars are being cracked down on all the time

  3. I don't know. If gaming PCs contribute to climate change maybe we should ban them. Which is more important the planet or playing Cyberpunk 2077 with shiny graphics?

    I need my vehicle. I can live without a high end gaming machine. As for the Automotive industry buying off the government. The tech industry is a 5 trillion dollar business. While the automotive industry is 3 trillion. Sounds like the tech industry could buy politicians and then some. Yet Dell is just going to give in. Why? Because its only the R10 and R12 Alienware models.

    There are more computers in the w

  4. RTUSA …lol it's pretty lame when your only talent is disrespecting people with obnoxious behaviour. Little 10 year old boys do that. Half the world is on fire and the other half is flooded. We clearly have to make serious changes right now. Efficient use of the world's resources is crucial. Greedily overclocking a PC to create a huge power draw for diminishing returns, then run massive coolers to keep it stable is extremely inefficient usage of the world's resources, and has to stop. Many other areas of our lives will have to change as well. There is no way to avoid it, no matter how much we burp and throw your dummy out the pram. Grow up man.

  5. I do believe JayzTwoCents and Gamers Nexus have done videos on this and there is more to it than the clickbait articles suggest. This change does not affect Custom built PC's or Home built PC's at all, people need to do some actual research into this.

  6. The banning of pc systems for gaming due to power usage is ridiculous. However pointing to coal fired power plants as a major contributor to pollution is now foolish too. There are 10k plus utility grade power plants in the USA. Only 248 are coal fired. Many are slated to be retired in the next 10 years. The majority of carbon emissions now are attributable to manufacturing and privately owned vehicles. Much of the atmospheric pollution is directly attributable to overseas power and manufacture in the Asian markets. Unfortunately California has no control there 🙄

  7. Them: you can’t get a gaming PC because it consumes too much power.
    Also them: no, you don’t understand. We HAVE to power all the heavy power lines of Hollywood and LA attractions along with amusement parks (and when this eventually reaches NY, which it WILL, Times Square).

  8. This is one of many reasons as to why I don't vote Democrat. Soon liberals wont allow people to buy 65" televisions or air-conditioners because of the liberal green energy bill.

  9. I feel like you missed the mark on this one Rich.

    CA is the most progressive and strict state in the US regarding climate change and all other “green” ideology. Thus, they are scrutinizing ALL contributors of carbon foot prints. They are going for quick wins, and they are pressuring the automobile and oil industries. It’s easy to criticize CA because they are attacking a small something that you have a huge hard on for, but that’s not the entire story.

    Lastly, think people who deny science are afraid of the substantial and devastating reality if they do. No one wants to think of a world with finite resources or one that could wipe out the human race. It’s too big to accept and it’s beyond the scope of “evil” they can comprehend. Because if they do, then not only are they complicit, but also they’d have to face the horror of inaction. It’s quite selfish, but unconsciously so.

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