Scallop Diving Southern California: Scallop Sushi!

Join us as we freedive a secret southern California reef for delicious rock scallops. We encounter bat rays, swell sharks, and more! Scallop poke and scallop nigiri was a great way to end such a beautiful day!

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  1. Yesss I've been waiting for this vid! That was so good man, scallops looked delicious! Those limpets are HUGE!

  2. banh mi chi cali! i live at mine near my uni near newport beach. great stuff and the price is always right

  3. Just found your channel and I love it! I'm an archaeologist as well. Are you getting your PhD in archaeology?

  4. 10:00
    What is the reasoning behind feeding chickens with scallops???
    I was ALWAYS under the impression that if the animal did not eat it in the wild, it's not a good idea to try to feed it to them in captivity.
    Maybe death is a natural reaction to feeding a chicken any kind of scallop, simply because their stomachs aren't equipped to digest them or deal with any amount of toxins.

    Either way,
    Tasty looking dinner, champ !! 😀

  5. So are scallops less likely for to get sick be you just usally eat the abductor mussle compared to smaller spices that you boil hole? Didnt watch the whole video good guy lmao

  6. So guilty of ODing on your videos sir….I am In Canada now but moving to Cal soon….near Yellow knife and looking so foreword to new land to explore. Still looking for some one to help me find mushrooms about there LOL. So your videos i find highly helpful

  7. I took a trip over to Fort Bragg this weekend, but the shell fish ban was in effect so I didn't even bother trying to collect anything. Hopefully I can go earlier next year.

  8. Thanks for the video! Would love to add free-diving for my fish and shellfish to my list of hobbies. Would totally be interested in some short "how to" videos to do that and teaching the set up and equipment needed.

  9. Awesome freedive video.. Those scallops look so good.. I'd drive down to socal to get some live..!!

  10. danngg 5:51 you hit a scallop honey hole! so many of them in a cluster!! you hand looks super scratched up lol is it from this dive or from the clamming last time?!

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