Rich Brian, NIKI & Warren Hue – California (Acoustic Live Version)

“California (Acoustic Live Version)” by Rich Brian, NIKI & Warren Hue – out now on all platforms:

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  1. Yeah, I'm faded (ayy), fake faces
    I erase 'em, California
    That fragrance, mad payments
    Fake places, California
    I don't wanna be the one that's left behind
    I love the way you lie
    Tryna get my money bag straight this time
    The hills is gon' decide (yeah, ayy)
    La, Westside, mama scared most of the time
    Lookin' behind, what's this so called life?
    Shawty run my other phone, yeah
    Fake faces, gotta cut 'em off, yeah
    Fake faces, them crossed of yeah, yeah
    My faith is from the cameras, yeah
    Flash-flash, I'ma take the pictures for my fam, damn
    Show 'em I've made it
    Flashbacks to the pictures from way back
    The kids were like, "Who's that? Who's that?"
    Now I do Hollywood, yeah
    Copies everywhere like a walkie talkie
    I'ma run the lobby, speak to nobody
    San Gabriel Valley, I might crash your party, like
    Yeah, you made it, you've been anxious
    But you made it, California
    Conversations 'til the sunrise
    When you stop by, California
    I don't wanna be the one that's left behind
    I love the way you lie
    I don't wanna be the one to lose my mind
    I know you know
    Somebody put some brakes on me
    I really need rest on me
    Pops callin' up every couple days
    I'm smilin' so he could think I'm straight
    Why can't I tell the truth?
    Playin' J. Cole back then, with a clear end goal
    Like it all made sense, I needed myself
    And nobody else, okay, let's go, uh
    From how it looks, man, it's hard to complain
    Man, I just been prayin' that when I get older
    That I got some smile in me that can remain
    My money is long but I got some new issues
    That feel like as long as they government names
    Man, all I could wish is the mask that I wear
    And the face that's below it is lookin' the same, like
    (Oh, oh, oh) You been in this fight
    I can see it in your eyes, like
    (Oh, oh, oh) I made up my mind
    I don't wanna waste no time, yeah
    Money makin', while we're breakin'
    It's amazin', California
    Celebrate it or berate it
    It's been fated, California
    Oh, Maria, the hills are swarmin'
    With dead ends and the bots performin'
    Don't mistake it, you can break big

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