1. Congratulation, now those left out of pandemic relief give away (senior citizen, veterans, disabled) can continue to feel passed over while you celebrated winning and not dropping vase . Congratulation the recall was shown be waste and shown to be just a Republican fundraising effort. However, Governor, you gives the appearance and the impression of wounded politician with vase commentary who still sort aloof and somewhat out of touch. Congrat you dodge bullet with sorry Larry Elder instead of an Arnold type challenger.

  2. Gavin Newsome also wins the vote for most popular Governor of all time. Winning by more votes than there is living residence in California. In other news, Democrats have informed us that any questioning of the results will get you labeled as a terrorist and I quote "Not the good kind like Al-Qaeda but real terrorist like the unvaccinated". We will also be changing our motto from "America, land of the free" to "America, land of the free to do what we tell you". That's all for this evening's news but stay tuned for the Socialist favorite segment "Who is getting Canceled NEXT!"

  3. I just don't understand how newsom wants vaccines mandated but yet California does not want vaccines mandated but yet we still vote for him..I'm so confused like wtf is going on…what happened to the millions of people who signed to start this recall??

  4. Long lines at the voting booths today in Huntington Beach. Looks good for the recall just might happen. Not our biggest problem in Calif. A lack of drinking water and nothing else matters. The lakes and reservoirs are so low they can't even generate electricty which is due to Newso'm's lack of planning.

  5. People are tripping. Larry elders? Really? Newsom sucks but look at his competitors. There all garbage running on that trump juice cause they don’t have nothing else

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