Real Life Purge – The California Experience

Criminals are adapting and becoming more intelligent. Are you prepared?

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  1. Ring cameras are easy to set up. But have you checked the screws holding your deadbolt in place? Many apartments and homes have little half inch screws holding them in place…. Replace those with longer screws!!!!

  2. Neighborhood residents need to get together and agree that when criminals come over to "ply their trade" that they will use vigilante justice on the perps. When the cops start canvassing the area asking who shot the catalytic converter thief, every resident should respond with "don't know, didn't see anything".

  3. All the places I've lived in my life have always been pro gun low crime. Is their a connection there?

  4. If a stranger knocks on my door, the door gets answered with a gun pointed at them from behind the door. The safety is off, one in the chamber, and my finger hovering right by the trigger. I usually let them hear me chamber a round from behind the door before I open it

  5. I don't answer the door for anybody that I don't know. Ever. They can leave a message if it's important.

    I have frosted glass where I can see out but they can't see in

    Well that's not true. I open the door for an FPL guy who was notifying me of our power will be out for several hours while they change the Transformer. But I had my sidearm in my hand when I answered the door.
    So I'll save a few exceptions and then

  6. Idk is it me or does it seem a lot of these don't really happen where there's LA sheriff. If you live where LAPD patrol your at risk. Sheriff's don't play around here. Juz sayin.

  7. 10 Guy stealing a car part to make $5.00 each,, the fools call themselves gangsters–what a joke !!!

  8. The problem is also in the prison system. They're so worried about getting sued by prisoners that they are bending over backwards for them. It's more like a slumber party than a prison. We always joke that we're soon going to have to fluff their pillow and put

  9. You know what's always been funny to me? My wife and I had to temporarily move back in with my parents after we went through some hard times. We moved all of our stuff into 2 storage units, brought our two kids and two giant ass dogs with us too. Every single gun my liberal ass parents own sits in a safe. Well, my mom used to get irate when she saw I had a gun in an IWB holster inside the house or anywhere else, really. It's been my routine for years and I've taught my eldest son how to shoot, handle, and respect guns since he was a toddler. He is the most respectful kid of guns I've ever met and doesn't see the taboo or anything that would make him want to seek them out without me.

    About a month or two before our closing was finalized in our house, my mom called me saying that she had gotten into a car wreck and the other dude was losing his mind before the cops got to the scene. My son heard me rushing around trying to get clothes on so I could go help her (I was just in the shower) and when I came out of the bedroom, my pistol (in it's holster), an extra magazine, and my car keys were sitting on the table right next to the back door and my son was standing there. He heard this commotion, grabbed the pistol and mag and put my keys alongside them so I could just run out. The first thing he thought when he heard that little bit of anxiety was "get dad his gun and an extra mag."

    THAT is why we do this. That's why we teach our kids and build that trust and those reactions. And after all that, my mom dropped the bullshit about guns. You have no idea how proud I was that day. And even when I got to the accident, this crazy ass dude was still acting stupid until I walked up with an OWB holster with a Glock 45 fitted with an RMR and TLR-1HL. The sheriff deputy on scene wasn't paying much attention to he fact that this dude was just standing by her car screaming until I walked up to get my mom in my car. The dude followed right behind us the whole way until I opened my passenger door, put my hand up, and told this dude to back the fuck off before the wreck turns into the high point of his day.

  10. If law abiding citizens kill these criminals in mass things will change. If criminals are afraid we will be safe again

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