1. Anyone know if Randy & Uli Jon Roth ever jammed? Now that'd be an awesome combo!!!

  2. There's a song off of joe Satriani's "wormholes & ( sorry forgot the rest) thats very similar in style to this song. Its cool to see an influence even tho Satch didn't directly mention it. If it were Malmsteen, at least he would've said Randy's name in a credit

  3. Please go back to sleep, you really are immature to continue your little rant. How old are we again..?

    Good day sir.

  4. Its people like you who spread ignorance and lies, and its people like me who make sure you are called out on your ignorance, to stop the further spreading of lies. Good day.

  5. sorry, but randy is most likely resting peace. not haunting places. also, ghosts don't exist, that is all just demonic activity and lies. good day.

  6. As the story goes, Randy Wolfe was hanging with Hendrix in New York. There were 2 Randy's. One from Texas and one from California. Jimi called him California. He was into effects and influenced Hendrix. Used to see him with Spirit playing an Armstrong guitar with all this electronics stuff taped to it and pedals all over the floor. One of my favorite bands for their trippy moody music. Big influence in turning a 16 year old kid onto jazz.

  7. If I say Randy California is a great guitarist and musician, I don't need to mention or compare him to anyone else.

  8. @1957skeeter there have been a very good concert in amsterdam, milky way at ??? year 2000?? Randy gave me a plectrum with his name on unlukky i lost it. Love the music of spirit when i was 15, 42 years ago.

  9. @Falco66441 Yes there is a double album out there called 'Night Of the Guitar" and
    a video of it also. I owned both of them and saw this all live in L.A. I believe it was at
    the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium if I'm not mistaken. I think these are still available.

  10. Randy was a genius and a sweetheart of a dude…..he never lost that young kid attitude about guitars and music

  11. @1957skeeter
    let`s hope that is NOT the case; as it would mean that his soul has not fully disconnected with the material plane!

    however, having been the advanced spiritual being he was, I can almost assure you that "hangin` out at the tivoli" is one of the few things that randy will not currently be doing wherever he is!!!

    god bless his soul.

  12. One of the best. He died saving his son from a rip tide in Hawaii. Gone way too soon. I think Spirit was the most original and diverse American band ever. RIP Randy. YOUR spirit lives on.

  13. JUst wish more people saw this, And no doubt Page ripped the Stairway intro fom Taurus.

  14. @spirit1057 Is there anywhere to find a good audio recording of this song or concert? This is an amazing song and I love this video, but I want to crank it! hehe. I can't get enough of this, but the vhs quality isn't jam worthy 😉

  15. Whatever he did with a guitar, was completely dwarfed by his last act on earth. He saved his 12 year old son from a rip current, before he was sucked out to sea and drowned. If you had to write a story of your life, could you possibly think of a better way to end it?

  16. really great !!
    anybody know who the other guitar player on this was?

    (don't your speakers have a volume control, #'s?)

  17. Saw the legend playing when he supported Ian Gillan,The Mr Universe tour.
    The line up that nightwas Samson,Randy California and then Gillan.What a greaT night.
    Fond memories.

  18. Terrible audio quality, but Randy is fantastic so it still got a thumbs up. A better quality upload would be awesome though.

  19. I met Randy years back – a really great and humble player – he was excited to be working with Doors guitarist Robby Kreiger on a recording project – did that ever get finished?

    RIP Randy – you died a hero.

  20. @remyfla you're right man: even FZ he was one of the greatest and had his special tone and style everybody should listen to his triple album "shut up'n play yer guitar" and you'll know it!!
    Bysides: don't forget Johnny Winter, Rory Gallaghe and and …. and then, there are so many black guitarists too who influenced most of the quoted players:-D

  21. Thanks for sharing – like many of the other positive comments here, I'd just like to add my 2 cents. He was all that and easily on a par with the big names of 60's rock and then some. Not just for speed but for feel and finesse too.
    I'd also like to add that besides Jeff Beck, I really haven't seen any of the other old school of guitarists absorb and show they could play in the newer styles but Randy could and it's evidenced on his 3 solo albums Shattered Dream, Euro-American and Restless.

  22. i saw several like '69 and '70, very unique tone and style, he had great sustain! Those guys were not given their due back then. Although it was pretty much all over for them after Jay Ferguson left, that guy was the 'man' on stage with tamberines in both hands full of charisma, made me want the musician life at a impressionable time.

  23. He was my favorite giutarist (remyfla). I wish everyone could have seen a Spirit show and how Randy blew the roof off the joint. And yes , He was right up there with all those other guitar legends. None of them had anything on this guy.

  24. I went to the concert near Napoli in march 1989, proud to see Pino Daniele, great guitarist from my town, among those stars!

  25. yeah its around 1988 at hammersmith palis or odean. I went to the concerts they did the following year in 1989. Was awesome

  26. Excellent stage presence, great tasty song, nice guitar, good tone, good vibe,
    Why is it that songs like this dont become famous? Makes one sick to his stomach to see such talent get overlooked.

  27. Having worked at Manny's Music and met and watched them all play up close in their prime I have to say though not as well known, Randy California is one of my favorite guitarists and in pure kick ass rock is up there with Alvin Lee, Joe Walsh, Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, and believe it or not Frank Zappa!

  28. Hell, I remember a 'Night of…' in Utrecht from the same year! Could this mean that I've seen the great Randy California live? (my memory sucks)

  29. Love Randy. Just recorded a song he'd love at Crime Scene Studios. Peace. Michael Carpenter – guitarist for 'Spirit Revisited' with Ed Cassidy (after the passing of Randy California)

  30. How do you do those tap harmonics in the intro?
    Is he just tapping 12 frets up from the fretted note?

  31. 2:14 Will Ferrell will be playing Randy California in the upcoming movie "I got a line on you-The revenge of the bad hair-day"

  32. Both West and California are very powerful guitarists, both also very melodic. It's never just notes for the sake of notes. Geez, I wish I could've been there that night.

  33. It was amazing to watch 2 guitarists in particular. Fans of both Randy California and Leslie West couldnt have been happier. Randy and Leslie played so good on this tour, and really helped weave THIS tour into the warmest and most exciting to watch rock tour in the past 15 years, and theres been nothing like it 15 years after either.

  34. Has anyone ever said that Chaz Michael Michaels from Blades of Glory looks like Randy California?

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