Polls close Tuesday in California's recall election

Polls close Tuesday in California’s gubernatorial recall election. A total of 46 candidates are looking to unseat Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. If more than 50% of voters approve the recall, the candidate with the most votes becomes governor. Eric Ting with the San Francisco Chronicle spoke with CBSN’s Lana Zak about why this recall effort is so significant.

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  1. California… Supports privileged rich white leadership while stating that white oligarchs are the problem… I guess minority’s secretly really do love rich white people after all…

  2. another faked demonrat recall election in action.
    Fake news reports 65%+ in favor of keeping newsom!
    Taxpayers must enjoy inflation, crime, covid fear mongering, costs of everything brought to you by rolling wheels and gas. NOT!
    it's going to be rigged by just enough to prevent recounts.
    Just as with the 2020 pres. election obama appointed judges will ensure blatant election violations to be OKIE DOKIE.
    Standard demonrat election tactics, mail-in voting, no IDs, etc.

  3. Democrats cheating again….70 percent of the people that went to Woodland Hills facility were told they already voted. Either the dominion are chit and democrats cheating. Take your pick.

  4. The tipman A-5 is a great paint baller. While we dont shed tears over being hit by antiffas' bricks and fire-bottles, antiffas scream from a few paintballs. The A-5 gets it done without going on trial. The cheaper the paintball, the better; its a win/win!

  5. I voted NO!!! on this Republican waste of multi millions of dollars of a recall. I am very proud of the job my Governor Gavin Newsome has and is doing for the state of California. lf you don't like living here in California; move. Go to Mississippi, Florida or Texas. We DO NOT NEED Larry Elder as governor.

  6. So how many illegals r in California? It seems to me calif needs someone that will do a much better job than Newson.
    I’m praying or a better California God knows they need help🙏🇺🇸

  7. California is such a great state people are leaving in droves! It smells like Doodoo, there are homeless tents everywhere and taxes are ridiculous. Leave your cult

  8. The DPRC Democratic People’s Republic of California is going to use their communist superpower of mail in ballot dumping to steal the recall election and install Newsom again.

  9. California!
    What do you have to lose?
    Next election is a year away.
    You already know Newsom is a failure.
    Now you have the worst President in American history on his way to support Newsom.
    This should tell you volumes.
    Two complete failures together to strip you of your rights.

  10. Funny how all these Democrats are vouching for dumb Newsome, if he did his job in the first place he wouldn't need all these fake vouchers like AOC and Bahama.

  11. Adios Amigo! Time for Newsom to leave California before we lose more people leave, because of his anti business snd growth policies! Larry Elder is a Real Business Promoter! With much less gas tax we can grow!

  12. While I agree that the past year and a half have been tough for everybody. We had to change everything about the way we lived with alot of rules and regulations changes pushed by the gov. However voting yes for this recall is not the way to express our displease at how things how things are going at this moment.. the Republicans are still hurting about losing the election to biden so now they figure let's go after calif and install a guy very similar to trump.. it seems very obvious this is the start of the republican comeback WE can not let this happen. The last four years were a wake up call that we need to change many things in this country instead the status quo. As history has shown us the direction californian the country will follow. If you vote yes for the recall then I suggest we vote for a more solid candidate instead larry elder good old Larry will take us back down the Trump road… VOTE FOR ANYBODY BUT ELDER.. PLEASE…. THANK YOU

  13. Please ! We Californians LOVE the homeless drug addicts, feces on the streets, electrical black-outs, high taxes. Keep Newsom so we can see our beautiful state finally crumble

  14. Vote Yes, and select anyone! Crime out of control… Homeless out of
    control… Fire, burnout, drought my gosh! Vote for Elmo if you have
    to, anyone but this guy!

  15. The situation of the covid 19 epidemic in Vietnam is extremely bad, many people die, many people suffer from hunger, hunger, unemployment, and more. It is true that the Vietnamese people are very much looking forward to receiving preventive medicine aid from the United States or the United Kingdom. I also look forward to buying more commercial astrazeneca or moderna to vaccinate the whole population so that we can return to normal life and we continue to try and be grateful.

  16. The governor Gavin did a great job by acting fast when the pandemic started. He is doing a great job protecting us from this virus and he will continue his job. VOTE NO TO RECALL

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