Phantom Planet – California

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Here we come!

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  1. Schwartzman was even cool before he was cool
    P.S. love the tutorial so that noob guitarists can start playing it everywhere. Smart marketing

  2. Only in my early 20’s and feel so so old. My older cousins watched this all the time. Feel like it’s Gen Z’s time to make a stamp on time. Let’s make something good

  3. My heart breaks to see what California is today. Once it held a special place in the American Mythos… Now it's, something else.

  4. I used this song in a short mashup with Pretender by Hige Dandism (Inspired by someone else's cover) and imitated Alex's accent.

  5. My family has this tradition whenever we cross cali borders to go see family we blast this song out. I lived in cali for 13 years before moving. Fun tradition

  6. Lagu jaman sekolah, i Miss that moment, when i have no worry about anything
    Bandung 2002 i Miss you from Bandung 2021

  7. The nostalgia is either coming from a true life event, Media or an interconnected subconscious event.
    Dream walking into other subconscious events.

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