"Pacific Dreams 2" A California Surfing Film

Pacific Dreams 2 is the sequel to the popular surfing film Pacific Dreams. The surf film showcases the best surfing clips from 2018-2021 seasons.

Filmed/Edited by Jeff Chavolla

Surfers: Dane Reynolds, Bobby Martinez, Dillon Perrillo, Kilian Garland, Adam Lambert, Tommy Mckeown, Cory Arrambide, Trevor Gordon, Yadin Nicol, Dimitri Poulos, Jabe Swierkocki, Javi Moreno, Jake Kelley, Josiah Amico, Brett Simpson, Micky Clarke, Tristen Simon, Pat Ecker


  1. Oh the golden state where else can you snowboard the powder in the moring and make for the evening swells with a surfboard!Certain time of the years it possible,but really where else?

  2. Its been a while since a surf vid made me feel genuinely good. Reminded me of peaceful days chasing waves 20 years ago, the really special moments that stay with you forever. Thanks

  3. I wanted to smoke some weed, chill out, and watch surfers while sitting in Las Vegas with hundreds of miles of desert all around me
    This film is just what I was looking for
    A very nice escape!

  4. When I was a kid in the 70s, I loved seeing footage of California. Unfortunately, the movies from those days were heavily weighted to Hawaiian surf. I appreciate your beautiful footage of California on it's best days.

  5. Kinda sorry I vibed you for filming the spot I've been surfing since I was 12 (around 11-12 min area). You made a rad video of the area👍. Be cooler if you didn't show the landmarks though, just saying. Cheers bro, great film and I do hope you do more!

  6. It sure is nice to watch a surf flick that whoever made it understood screaming tempo music or rapping doesn't need to be in every single surf video.
    Call me old but this is how I remember the California of my youth and how it felt before hiphop and speedmetal arrived. Back when Main Street Huntington Beach was only one way, the Surf Theatre was still open for surf flicks on 5th street – Miki Dora was a legend, Wimpy's Hamburgers, The Golden Bear, & WindanSea Surf club all were open for business…. way back – so long ago you could see all of Aaron's Huntington Surf and Sport at 15th street from standing in the doorway.
    Thanks for the memories of what was good in California even tho this is a modern surf flick….. those were the days and the waves remain even though progress has changed the landscape.

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