NIKI performs on ASIA RISING TOGETHER & California (Acoustic Version) – presented by Netflix

From Asia Rising Together: Benefit Concert

0:00 Intro
0:52 NIKI – Drive On
4:50 Rich Brian, NIKI, & Warren Hue – California

Watch the official music video for “California” by Rich Brian, NIKI, & Warren Hue – out now:

100% of proceeds from this collection will go to Asian Mental Health Collective, a non-profit which aspires to make mental health easily available, approachable, and accessible to Asian communities worldwide.

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  1. (First)

    My name is Niki. I'm an Indonesian singer-songwriter for really long time being Asian.

    has meant to connect, keep your head down and be accommodating and let others go first in and

    I think it's so important now more than ever for us to kinded display ourselves as the complex whole dimensional human beings is that we are

    and if that means that you're allowed at a dinner party than be loud is that means that you

    don't wanna be a doctor and you don't wanna be an artist,

    just go do that ! you know and I think it just ! yeah just be fully and unashamed fully

    who you are

  2. As someone who's korean american the only people who told me to be quiet and listen are my parents… it be your own people sometimes lol. But all joking aside, I'm tired of seeing being quiet and nice as a weakness, having patience and being kind to those who are offensive is a virtue. It's easy to be nice to those who are nice to you.

  3. The blades are dull now
    The armor's dented
    The water's cold and still like us
    We shiver badly
    Our teeth are chattering
    But it's not out of fear this time
    'Cause the beasts have scattered
    Our story stains the ground
    The bloodbath's over now
    So drive on, mm
    Drive on, on, on
    When the tide's low, the rubble's high
    We only grow when the light rises
    In new horizons
    Mm, so, when you go left, hope you see right
    It might be dark, so turn your headlights, headlights on
    And drive on, mm
    Drive on, on, on
    So drive on
    Oh, children of the moon (children of the moon, children of the moon)
    (Children of the moon, children of the moon)
    May we grow, may we bloom (children of the moon, children of the moon)
    (Children of the moon, children of the moon)
    And don't look back, the future
    Looks like you and me
    So we
    Drive on, mm
    Drive on, on, on
    Drive on, mm
    Drive on, on, on
    So drive on

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