New AR-15 Destroys The California Assault Weapon Ban!!!

In this video I discuss a new rifle by juggernaut tactical which if legal will undue a big aspect of CA’s assault weapon ban. I was able to speak with the owner and clarify some questions you all might have about this new product.
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  1. I don't really understand how this circumvents the law. The grip still appears to drop the web of the thumb below the top of the trigger guard, doesn't it? Am I missing something?

  2. Why hasnt anyone sought an injunction against California for "a historic and continued trend of subversion of people's guarenteed rights as listed in the constitution" requiring approval of bills BEFORE ENACTION to alleviate and prevent future actions against the 2nd ammendment? Their "laws" are constantly shot down by the supreme court. It keeps going on and they clearly know that the laws will be shot down or they wouldnt be constantly submitting new bills before seeing if a prior law was effective.

  3. Because featureless rifles are less deadly right? No features obviously turns the bullet into a marshmallow. 10 round max capacity doesn't mean it's less deadly….just means more frequent reloads, wel anyone who trains can reload really fast anyway. Commifornia is so stupid. Doesn't matter what loopholes manufacturers make, Commifornia will just change their laws. Fortunately I'm well outside of that crybaby state.

  4. But like Americans have been saying for years ban my gun and the bullets will enter your body ban my gun and your badge means nothing ban my gun and the Constitution has been broken ban my gun and I'll ban you treason is death.

  5. Great info on your video, thanks.
    I have one question regarding AR rifle.
    What if you have all the parts on it that label it as an assault rifle in CA, but you can essentially make it a bolt action firing type rifle that is no longer semi auto.
    Will this negate it being an assault rifle seeing it can't fire semi auto?


  6. Just another example of how firearms "definitions" like this are completely arbitrary. I love these little plays to get around the underhanded draconian shit being pulled

  7. It baffles me that they will trample the second, and think nothing of it. But they help illegals come over the border, why do we not have them arrested on felony trafficking under sec.8. They trample us…..let's uphold the law.

  8. Who's enforcing these draconian laws? Not the po po right? So who cares right, where are all of the tough patriot types that are always talking about over reach of the man…while still rocking a blue lives matter bumper sticker? Some of the gun community is so hypocritical and that's why the tyrants won't be defeated, just my opinion, just have whatever you want, because these so called laws are unlawful, that means you don't have to comply right? What am I missing here?

  9. If you ask someone to tell you no. They will tell you no. I don’t need anyone to tell me it’s okay to exercise my rights of the 2nd amendment. All you people in California are sheep and deserve what you get from that state by falling in line.

  10. Honestly, who cares? It's just another thing people will buy and then will be unconstitutionally outlawed. This isn't a "win." It just shows people are willing to comply and it will just be re-written and another video will be posted, "awe shucks guys."

  11. The rest of the free states does not care about commiefornia, if anything we wish that place would hurry up and break off from the US. We tired of our federal taxes used for that failed state.

  12. It's getting annoying hearing people call it Second Amendment rights, or Constitutional rights. You don't have a Second Amendment right. You have the natural right to self-defense. The Bill of Rights is a list of rights government isn't supposed to infringe on, not a list of rights government grants us. We have unalienable rights. Do people know what it means to have an unalienable right? It means you have the right to do something. If a government or a law says you can't do it, you still have the right to do it. It means that nothing anybody else says or does takes away your right to do it. Rights preexist and outrank and overrule governments and laws.

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