my california apartment tour! (cozy and simple☁️)

a long overdue apartment tour! I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I moved here and I love how simple and homey it turned out. I wanted a space that is practical, comfortable for everyday. Hope you guys enjoy the video!

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Living room
Entryway table (similar)
Chairs danias furniture
Dining table
Coffee table
Couch ikea harlanda couch
Wooden side table (similar)
Corner chair target (similar)

Sherpa chair fb marketplace (name of it is ivy bronx)
Jewelry box

Malm Bed frame
Night stands (similar)

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Music by ninjoi. – Acceptance –
Music by Damien Sebe – Soft Cloud –
Music by pecna – quad –

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Hello! I’m Yuyan and I’m from New York City. My videos are focused on everyday fashion and my casual style but also I love sharing on beauty and vlogs about my life! Hope you enjoy 💕

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us … I enjoy the video ! : it looks very cosy, but why no piece of art ? a painting with plenty of colors or other touch of art would be wonderfull. In any case you have a sens of style 😉 Kind regards,

  2. What a beautiful apartment! Very liveable, yet super pretty… I was really happy when you said your couch was IKEA but then searched and saw that they don’t have that model here in Greece… oh well 🤣 Looks so great in your apartment though :))

  3. can you tell us where this apartment is, like the address? Im moving soon and I'd like to fill out an application.

  4. Loving this video! Can you do a video comparing different LV bags? 😀 I been struggling to decide which luxury bag to get. I am currently shopping @ which offers you so many choices !!!

  5. Hello.
    Love your videos.💜
    I am from Myanmar(Burma) country.

  6. I recommend you to dont have the bike expose to the sun, eventually its going to start loosing color and deteriorating the seat and handles 🥲🥲🥲

  7. You decorated your apartment so well! Simple, aesthetic and warm😍 . This video came at the perfect time too since I need to furnish my new apartment, so thanks!

  8. sooo cute!! i wonder what are you gonna do when you go back to nyc (with all the extra stuff that probably won’t fit on a nyc apt) 🥴

  9. Watching this from NYC… washer dryer and all the closet space is such a dream!!! 😍😍😍

  10. Not saying this to be mean or anything but you have a lotttttt of clothess. I love fashion and I'm a shopoholic as well but damn does anyone really need this much?🤔

  11. I’m so jelly😩, beautiful especially the weather, it snowed last night 🤪, on the east coast!, always enjoy ur vids👍🥰hugs 💜🥰

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