Meeting Hollywood Actors And Billionares In Los Angeles!/California

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  1. we are cheering on you girl,now lets grow and do more research before going to this events you really made us proud and you really motivated us also we need bomb questions to this billioniares next time we want to know more of their secrets,how they got there yani… from iraq

  2. You are going places young lady. I am sooooo impressed! Do you know how privileged you are to be in their presence? My sista. Wow!! Keep shining, keep rising Tru. Good job! Sooo exciting!! Utilise your connections for doing good my dear. All what’s coming to you is so deserved. You’ve come a long way.

  3. Girl!yo literally touching elbows with powerful individuals in the world like damn.When God decides to walk with you..Definitely He smooths the way for you and you find favour amongst people. Everystep you take thank God.Love you girl.

  4. Mmm… I feel its a waste and made to exclude certain people. African currency should be backed by African resources and WE should host event that exclude non-Africans based solely on recent 500 year ancestry. The conferences would not be recorded and leaders would discuss basing African currencies, African military consolidation, international Continental infrastructural partnerships, and the development of industry. PanAfricans (7th region) could attend as guests, advisors, and attendies. Nations with strong dependency on colonial regimes would be excluded from certain conversations amongst leaders. #FWpipo #1Afrika #RiseUp

  5. Trudy you are amazing and you are surely going places. You are calm cool and collected. I like the way you love and respect your dad, nowadays most of people of your age do not really care nor respect their elders. Keep it up Trudy, you are a lady of valour, Wode Maya is Blessed to have you, he also is Amazing, always willing to help others. both of you are hard workers. Infact you are Both Blessed and are great for each other. Always remember to put God first in ALL you do and you will live a life of upwards and forwards only, in Jesus's Name. You are so Blessed.

  6. Have you asked Mwale for career advice?

    I may be a natural skeptic, so I am not impressed.

    Trudy, if you get an opportunity to attend some like this again, be ready. Your goal from now on should be to put yourself in such a state of readiness.

    And, maybe if you do, you may come to realize your perspectives, as outlined in this video, is off. Your perspective towards yourself, your Kenya, and your Africa.

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