Meet Kevin Paffrath | His Full Plan for Governor of California.


0:00 Intro
6:25 Who Am I?
8:00 Homelessness
12:41 Why I Can Fix California
17:36 Newsom is Misleading California
21:40 Homelessness
25:07 Immigration
28:27 The Water Crisis
31:12 Wildfires
35:45 Future Schools
37:47 High-Speed Rail
43:40 Affordable Housing
47:12 Police Reform
50:15 Vote Kevin Paffrath


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  1. Be realistic you were never going to win rofl, you don't do any community services let alone ran for even smaller office positions and you think you'll run for Governor and have a chance? ROFL

  2. I wish i could get in front of a legislation to say my mind, no like its going to go anywhere.

  3. Question? How does the stimulus both government and golden state help us making below 35,000 dollars? $600 is a weeks worth of pay here in Californian if your doing overtime. I myself have $1067 rent and im behind 2 month, car payment $450 behind 2 months, electricity $70 plus and internet $70. how does $600 help me as a single person? if we get $5000-10000 would be more profitable for everyone. we have waisted trillions on nonsense recalls , Afghanistan, ext. just do one stimulus for that and we have enough top pay bills, and have enough top put back into the economy. dont mean to vent with you but it is stupid. yet the government is so greedy, penny pinching, whatever. this one thing would help us beyond anything. at least us low people.

  4. I'm a Floridian who has no intention of ever moving West and I just watched this entire video 😂

  5. I did not but that first part right there they're spilling stuff for me I need some help making sure I have the evidence right

  6. Ask buterin…or however you spell it. Ask him why the market is crashing. And like I said…. sooooo Manny zeros

  7. Kevin I live on Anacapa St near San Nicholas St. I know you tried to buy that house on Catalina just based on the background mountains being familiar.
    Nonetheless I would easily support you over Gavin Newsom. But I supported Larry Elder over You.
    That is partially because I don’t know your policies very well.
    And ultimately…. Why on Gods Green Earth do you consider yourself a DEMOCRAT!?
    You’re probably either a classical liberal, libertarian, or conservative-at least as far as economics and freedoms (a little bit of liberal leaning views on social issues makes sense)

  8. Great video! I think California struggles with homelessness because socal doesn't get cold and it's sunny.

  9. Why don't you start by running for city council?? Is that position to shamming for you? I don't trust people that has no record in solving issues. You have bright ideas however you have resolved Zero!! Andrew Yang the second.

  10. So, can someone please explain to me that the most incompetent governor in a long while won the recall election? I am not American but that is literally all I have heard from you all….get rid of Gavin. And yet, he wins again. Is that state full of idiots?

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