1. The Americans Citizens continue accept the shits that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are making and don´t take providenciales about impeach under both. China is growthing and in a next future will became the first country more powerfull worldwide. Wake up Americans befote that is late!

  2. If Japan makes missiles and revises the Peace Constitution, South Korea will naturally make nuclear weapons and drop them into Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama this time. Japan should live quietly, looking at South Korea, North Korea, China, and the United States. This is the answer.

  3. The Faroe Islands is home to disgusting, vile, evil psychopaths totally lacking in compassion or empathy for the hundreds of thousands of pilot whales and dolphins they torture and slaughter every year!!! And for what? Check out Sea Shepherd on FB or Twitter and learn what those demons have done to these guardians. Sending curses to the devils of Faroe Islands. Boycott them! The world would be a better place if their vile islands were sucked to the bottom of the sea. #sealifecruelty

  4. Faeroe islan who belong Denmark ! Also few years ago I saw how complet family kill poor dolphins! Problem is that YouTube do not allow to you write what you want…but those people who kill dolphins in some morbid sick rituals should have sanction from US

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