1. Why are so many people hating on Lovex? The band wants to make different type of music and people are just hating something they've made and they like. They enjoy making music, be happy for them. I've loved Lovex since the beggining and still do. Guys, if you ever see my comment, please know I love you, you're awesome, keep making more music and I hope to see you live soon!

  2. I really love lovex…. But not the new one… I like you guys from the beggining…. And i know that thats how your sound is supposed to be like… Please dont turn into this….
    And i use to like you for what you were back in the time… I dont want you to change to this… And I see im not the only one…

  3. I can't say that I don't like it but I'm just more rock person than pop one. But Watch Out! is really good pop-rock song, you should go this way and both sides of your fans will be happy. I still like you otherwise boys 🙂 good job 🙂

  4. Original sound.. I think it'd be kinda boring if a band sounded just the same from year to year. I like their old stuff, and the newer songs are good too. They're not doing this to fit into the image of what you want them to be. Change is good too.

  5. This is a very catchy song! I really like it. And in my opinion this is still rock maybe more pop-rock but they still hot the rock element. I am going to see them live tonight, hoop they're good.

  6. Oh Lovex. You're capable of so much more.
    Please stop trying to be American – You're Finnish, remember?
    I'm holding out hope that one day they will return to something closer to their original sound.

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