Looters ‘Smash And Grab’ Merchandise At A California Nordstrom’s

An investigation is underway after about 80 people wearing masks rushed into a Nordstrom’s outside of San Francisco for a ‘smash and grab,’ stealing whatever they could before rushing out of the store. The crime comes one day after a group of looters went into a Louis Vuitton store in San Francisco and pulled a similar heist.

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  1. American democracy is a laughing stock . The economy is crumbling. Society decaying. But America is walking tall to teach the world.

  2. 美國民主自由世界第一, 呵呵呵, 我就在遙遠的對岸,你們口中無自由的14億人國家中,恥笑你們

  3. In the South this don't happen so don't go to Texas and do this. They have plenty of body bags just for you

  4. Don't understand why retail shop owners don't arm their employees! The employees must be terrified. The employees could buy their own guns and store owners buy bigger dumpsters for the extra garbage.

  5. 🗳Yes indeed! If you Go "woke," you'll probably will go broke too. That should be the mantra. In business and politics, disaster usually awaits. Wokeness on crime leads to lawlessness which we are seeing in democrat run cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York to name a few. Gangs lawless looters are getting away with it and not even being prosecuted by woke DA’s. Wokeness in school policy allows rapes to occur in the girls' bathroom. Wokeness in politics leads to dysfunction and, overall, unqualified characters rising to the top when they should have been chained to the bottom of the swamp. We're seeing that with the current vice president. What's going on with her? What is causing her staff to rush for safety as the S.S. Kamala Harris Titanic takes on water? It's not hard to figure out why and it's something you already read about during the 2020 Democratic primaries. Like the annual NFL draft, the Democrats picked high. They took her early in the first round and she's been a total bust as well as a laughing hyena her first year as VP. God help us all until 2022 elections when we can give all the woke democrats up for re-election the boot 🥾

  6. In a way I'm glad this is happening so that all who voted Democrat can see what happens when you vote for crazy policies. Hopefully this will open their eyes.
    I'm Hispanic who came here legally and I would NEVER vote Democrat.

  7. MLK is rolling in his grave. These so called peaceful protesters are doing the opposite of Dr. King's work. The entire woke/ BLM movement is a joke.

  8. They’re allowing this to happen,probably want the chaos to get so bad, then finally Biden will call the NG & at the same time get the guns.

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