Living On $100K A Year in Orange County, California | Millennial Money

At the end of 2020, Kim Liao paid off her mother’s mortgage. The 27-year-old saved up $28,000 in the first nine months of the Covid-19 pandemic, after her mother lost her job and was worried about making her housing payment. Kim began credit card churning and sold items around her house to bring in additional income. She considers it the least she could do to provide her mother financial security. “It was the best money I’ve ever spent because it made my mom so happy,” Liao tells CNBC Make It.

This is an installment of CNBC Make It’s Millennial Money series, which profiles people across the globe and details how they earn, spend and save their money.

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Living On $100K A Year in Orange County, California | Millennial Money


  1. She's from a culture that's into supporting members of the family. Americans don't care about their own family members. That's why there are so many white homeless people. It's the lack of caring/compassionate family to help them out.

  2. Great story and I love her hard work ethic.

    That being said…how f’d up is our real estate. Shouldn’t the government step in and prioritize real estate to first time home buyers? Instead of investors looking to use the property as a rental and an additional source of income?

    Once again…this is t a shot at Kim. More a critique of the system in general and politicians.

  3. 100k is not much in Cali esp areas with in the bay area. If ur single, taxes will eat away about 25- 30%. Then rental, insurance, food etc.

    Don't forget to add the 15 percent inflation.

  4. This video makes being an African American depressing. You know the chances of finding a woman who would split expenses etc like this… I make a little more than her, and stay single because most women really want me to pay for everything. Talking about, I'm suppose to as a provided. Just building wealth by myself LOL

  5. How is it that her life looks so easy?

    I feel like there's a missing puzzle piece that they're not mentioning here.

    They're trying to make it seem like any immigrant can just come to the US, graduate from college debt free and then make 6 figures. GTFOH!

  6. Great episode! She is so selfless, helping her mom! I love her Discipline I just don’t know if I agree with her and her husband having everything separate. But to each their own! The important thing is that it works for them.

  7. People don’t realize how being able to live with parents and save is a huge privilege. We should invest in establishing wealth for historically disadvantaged groups for example, but not limited to, black veteran families who were denied housing loans by the VA after WWI & II as a result of racism. Those loans helped to establish the American middle class and continue to bolster it

  8. I truly believe we should invest more in scholarships for under-resourced kids. We as a society suffer when we don’t invest in the talents of poor and working class kids

  9. this is a great example of how important generational wealth is. it doesn't mean your family is wealthy; it just means you have the means to financially support, boost, or provide your social capital for your loved ones when they need it. it's nothing to be ashamed of. she and her husband are clearly hard workers who valued the help they got and will pay it forward to the generations that follow them.

  10. Thanks for sharing! You are very resourceful and talented. Savings also require long term discipline. It is easy to endure and saves before you have kids the way your husband and you separately. Once you have kids, I hope you can still saving plan still holds up.

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