1. Trying to be a zero. Winding up a hero. It is far easier to be a zero than a hero. I recall C.J. telling Jayden that I'm a real life superhero, in 2004, or 2005. That doesn't mean much to others who have commented in this thread, or Va HOSS, likely, but it has meaning to the surveillance society. It is a lot easier to be a zero than a hero. Life changes a lot, once you become a hero, and not always in an easy way.

  2. You guys if any of you is struggling to find Jesus look at the Gatlin Brothers. At least Larry was in drugs and alcohol and he needed throat surgery and they are doing great now that they found Jesus.

  3. Yes sir man, that's me!! hahaha!! How the hell are you?? My other channel got shut down so I opened a new one… I recognized your name as soon as I saw your comment… 🙂

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