Larry Elder concedes California recall defeat

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder admitted Tuesday that the attempt to have California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom recalled and replaced was defeated. Elder conceded, urging supporters to be ‘gracious in defeat.’ (Sept. 15)

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  1. Because the left’s affinity to labels and identity politics, they’ve made up the term “Trumpism” which was effectively used to manipulate the outcome of the recall.

    Now, they want to create the connection that anyone who’s pro-freedom, capitalism, patriotic, pro-life, and the like, are simply a trump “clone” who will impose doom and gloom. Mr. Newsome campaigned on what-if’s and fear mongering which effectively manipulated the rest of his fellow Californian halfwits. Lastly, if it weren’t for the media who pushed their supportive propaganda, Mr. Newsome would’ve been out of a job. The halfwits were duped (again) and they deserve the ensuing hardship. Congratulations 🥳

  2. You did work hard for that title. But they still will not be in touch with you, until they have a use for you again. Hope that pat on the head from them, you so desperately need is satisfying. Because it's back to AM radio for you.

  3. How insulting to compare American voters to Californians. Most of us don't and won't live in third world hellholes with homeless encampments and people defecating on the streets.
    Ps: Do you still do rolling blackouts and water restrictions? LOL.

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