King of California

After spending several years in a mental institution, Charlie (Academy Award winner Michael Douglas, “Wall Street”) is sent home, reuniting with his teenage daughter (Emmy nominee Evan Rachel Wood, “Westworld”). Soon after, he becomes obsessed with the notion that a long-lost Spanish treasure is buried under their local suburban Costco.


  1. "Paying all the bills"…… "building burgers" at McDonald's………yeah, "RIGHT". I hate Hollywood and the mainstream media, they are such wicked liars, con-artists, and pedophiles.

  2. Always parking that car right in the middle of the damned road. They didn't even park it in the relief lane of that highway. Typical Hollywood BULLSHIT. Try that in the REAL world, and watch how fast a state trooper, deputy, or city cop gets all over your ass.

  3. Hmm….well being a student of the Kommiefornia Public School system….we were taught growing up the Kommiefornia is roughly the following….. California was named after “calida fornax” (hot furnace) and “cal y fornos ” meaning “lime and furnace”….By the 1st Spanish Explorers that ventured into the hot dry climate….But, what's a guy like me know….Decrnt movie….I give it about a 7.8/10

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