KBS 콘서트 문화창고 57회 더로즈(The Rose) – California

안녕하세요 수요일 밤의 달콤한 오아시스 콘서트 문화창고입니다!

걱정 하나 없이 밤새 춤출 수 있는 그곳
California의 젊음을 노래하는
듣기만 해도 행복해지는 그곳에서 더로즈와 함께해요


KBS 콘서트 문화창고 57회
더로즈(The Rose) – California
매주 수요일 밤 11시 40분 KBS대구1TV


  1. I know The Rose but I jut listened to this song today. This song made me cry. I have so much worries these past months. I am a positive person, or should I say, I was. Sometimes life seems unfair on some circumstances. The song said that happiness is easy to achieve. I hope I can find back my own place, my California, where I can enjoy my youth, I can go wild, sing and dance with peaceful melody of life. Take me back where my only worries were how can I eat thrice a week and get good grades. God! Why does this song hit so hard on me? :<<

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