James Taylor – Going To California

JT Introduces the James Taylor night documentary ‘Hotel California’ with a bit of life advice, philsophy, retrospective and candid words on his dance with drugs…


  1. It's a lot of effort to obtain drugs or alcohol to get high.  Maybe when they see the effort it takes to get high, that might motivate people not to do it?

  2. He still rocks. Check out the video on YouTube of him performing "Your Smiling Face" in LA in 1988.

  3. Is that Lelend Sklar? I love JT. I grew up listening to my older brothers' music. That's how I first heard James Taylor. Now my son listens to him. Awesome. =)

  4. Love this guy…hearing him swear makes me feel uneasy.not sure why ?
    I swear like a fukcing trooper !

  5. He would have been able to handle it fine if he limited it to the pot and the psychedelics. It's the coke and the booze that can take you down a dark road.

  6. Thats why I'm here……and thank God I have a son 😉
    Children children children…………;)
    Great Man & Great Music…….Love his Music!

  7. @Plymouth2014 why not when he sings steam roller on his best of james taylor he says motherfucking… JT is notorius for his lovely language…

  8. When I was in junior high and heard his songs, both from him and others who covered them, I had no idea what all he was going through. Thank God he got through it – he seems to have gained more than just freedom from a drug habit. If you watch him in his later performances, there's a serenity and joy in his face that you don't see in the early ones. He just keeps getting better.

  9. Thanks again Danielkerryann.

    Thanks Duncan. How ya doing this evening mon fre? Built any more cabins in the woods since we last spoke? :o) -Ron

  10. yo man i watched this man here where i live in uk just last night on bbc4, im glad you put this up cause james taylo is a fuckin legend, love his stuff an love his music even more, thanks for posting, danielkerryann 10/10*

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